Sunday, August 04, 2013

late but quietly dreaming

i am so glad i can lay down and type this on my laptop with two of my doggies beside me sound asleep. it has been grueling with the extra doggies here and so hard for hubby to relax over the weekend.  i hate to see him return to his busy work week more tired.

really i would love to be on here right now headed to the Caribbean with hubby.
or on this island enjoying the beach, soaking up the sun.
on St Thomas watching the sunset at the end of a glorious day. oh i can dream can't i!

Saturday, August 03, 2013


we have been helping out with two of our sons by watching their dogs.  both are barkers - oh my! and after not having much sleep last night our youngest son went white water rafting fell in the water, hit a rock and 5 stitches later over his eyebrow we are back home.  i am ready, more than ready for bed.

still i am grateful my son and DIL made it safely to Wyoming for vaca. my youngest is home safe. my middle son came home after working a shift for the fire dept. and my hubby has decided to schedule knee surgery for end of Oct/nov.  my MIL is back to work after her knee surgery.  all-n-all i have so much to be grateful for.  Thank you Heavenly Father for my art when i need to express myself and can't find the words to do that. Good Night all.