Friday, January 30, 2015

Faithful - Covenant

here is HKC-TMD week 4 - Faithfulness. i was reminded of the rainbow covenant God made after the flood. my daily Bible reading is going great so are - i have been able to get up first thing and read then ponder throughout the day God's Word.

this fabric journal page was created by adding a black fabric with four squares of Shiva paintstixs for my base (they are so shimmery, love it), then placed my handmade teesha moore-style pillows on each block. added two flying geese, white acrylic paint stamp word, deepened with Uniball signo white pen. and left the thread of red running down the side to remind me of what Jesus did for me so i could have eternal life.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Deeply Rooted

my first class in SheLoves2 - Rooted Deeply - God's Love

a left over background page, dollar store star stickers, freezer paper house, stickers, love stamp and the trees are from a pic I took of a sculpture at the Sandals Resort where we stayed last October. this was a fun, easy page to pull together.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Angry - I Blew It

DLP Week 4 had a quote from Georgia O'Keefe
"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way."
how true for me when I read the challenge bc I was a little frustrated. OK I was angry at a situation in my house.
so I took out my liquitex inks, a straw and I blew until I almost passed out.
I was angry, can you tell by looking at this closeup.
and here is the two page spread with the quote on one side.  thanks DLP Art2the5th gals
I intentionally used the reds and burgundys to reflect my feelings. great quote!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Glory 39

this is a closeup of my Glory 39 for HKC TMD wk3 - love the angel kitty. the pleasure of using scraps up - snippet of ribbon, burlap printed 39, a handmade pompom
and here is Glory 39 in full fabric page.  realize I should have put a black border under the muslin spheres fabric. learning/playing without condemnation is so freeing.

Take Me Deeper has allowed me to get back into my daily Bible reading and for that I am grateful.  so much goodness in God's Word.  reading book by Creflo Dollar - Holy Spirit Your Financial Advisor. almost finished it in two days, but need to chew on some of the great nuggets in there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Life Book Wk 3 - Joanne Sharpe's class - the dylusions journal paper is not good for tombow markers spreading smoothly with water either.  must use good quality watercolor paper as Joanne mentioned. working on this page i was almost totally in the dark, very little light. i didn't want to move bc i figured if i did my grand-dog would attack me for affection again.  he just won't leave my hands alone unless they are on him. lol  Art truly does feed my soul and having a very active dog in the house has hampered my arting.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year Classes/Projects

signed up for a few fun year-long classes - HKC-Take Me Deeper
Week 1 - Transformation - Willingly
our bodies living sacrifice
fabric page with muslin painted using Caran d'arche crayons, stamps, word stamps, swatches of fabrics for houses and heart, ribbon
DLP wk1 - Blank Page - book text
my book text is envy received in mail + cutup map of area and "live" phrases

my hubby has decided its time to continue with his flight training. i am so happy for him. he is like a different person with a set goal.  my goal for this year if there is one - to live - live life unabandoned one day at a time. Art 2 the 5th.

                              Life Book 2015 with Tam LaPorte
my One Word for this Year - "Trained" Gen 14:14
Robin-Marie Smith shared her tag tutorial using your one word for the second week.

and        HKC - TMD 2nd week is Transformation - Vulnerable
 i love whimsical. so my  heart features the letter "C" for 'cat' and 'choose'
and  to me our pets are such vulnerable creatures.  they trust us, rely on us to take care of them.  they say cats have nine lives but i just want to live my one life open and vulnerable to what God has for me. my heart has been closed off to the Lord in some areas. So my prayer for this week - i am willing Lord for you to soften my heart and humble me.


Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year

health-wise i had a rough start into the New Year. But God is so faithful.  so much to do what is a girl to do. lol BUT stay in bed (not by choice) but that is where i have found myself lately. putting on clothing is so painful and i have an issue with unpredictable bleeding. my body is weak but my Spirit is strong.
 a new day is dawning.

i joined six new groups/classess for artsy expression.  what was i thinking! most of them i have rejoined each year.