Tuesday, December 31, 2013

21 Secrets 2013 Ending

make room for 2014 everybody, so many changes in life but looking forward not backward.
my bubbles class with Tammy Garcia

Kate Crane was amazing so much so that I purchased her dvds. I want them all!

and Ro - well I can't wait to see what she offers in the way of classes - I want to go to New Zealand and play with her in person.  my handmade stamp person created from junk pieces left over.

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year 2014 One Word

i was praying the other day and kind of just going about business as usual when a word just dropped right into the center of everything.  so i ask was this my word for 2014 and quite honestly i wanted a more important, more exciting, more inspiring word ....... "thinking".

that must be my new word but i will keep asking to make sure this is THE Word.

this word brought to mind a 60's show with Dobie Gillis, a college student always imitating The Thinker. its so funny how things come full circle.  here we are in going into 2014 and tv shows are reverting back to 60's with a twist.  funny

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Community of FAT Friends

this year Constance inspired us with monthly tag ideas and it is now coming to a close.  I enjoyed making and trading all my tags.  this is my December "be creative" tag. using fabric to print the text border, copic markers, free-motion stitch and buttons.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Breathe Art

ok so i awoke this morning feeling nausea. but dirty footprints has a chance to win a spot in one of their 21 secrets live classes so went over to check lisa out AND she encouraged me to use my brand new 36 gel pens i just purchased yesterday.  one thing i did agree with self about - when i buy something within first days use it.
 I created this fast-moving stroking little guy as I was practicing my breathing with music by Mandisa and Toby Mac - their song "Good Morning". "man you morning people. no! i'm serious." sings Toby Mac.  i happen to be a morning person and i love this fast-paced song. so my body is moving and i am breathing.
 look lisa you can see i followed your directions and took notes.
cut out the little face and put the guy in a bird cage - sing for your release - no just kiddin' - i am no longer in that cage - at least not today.  going to finish my drink cozy sleeves for my DILs friend. you go have an artful day and check out lisa