Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DLP Challenge Cardboard

 i love the graphics on boxes and was very attracted to the gingerale box I pulled from the trash.  I handcut around the different graphics then placed them on my page along with the crown. As my page evolved children's board games popped up and that is what I worked with. also on the small inserted page I used another graphic from the gingerale box "let's play" in the corner.
on the front and left inside I free-motion created the words "checkers" and "crown me" with thread. they are on fabric/paper I created several years ago. it has a fun crinkly texture to it. unfortunately my printer ran out of ink so I will have to reprint my pic. it is of a huge chess game setup on the grounds at Sandals Resort, Exuma Bahamas.
this page may not be finished but I did love the challenge.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sandals Resort, Exuma Bahamas

 some of the beautiful flowers and picturesque settings on Sandals Resort.  the gardeners are totally amazing and constantly tending the gardens. i stopped to sing their praises every chance i got.

i think the the pic on left is the entrance upon arrival

Vacation Sandals Resort, Exuma, Bahamas

 this winter we had snow and more surprises with snow than the last few years but our lab loved it. i actually love it too - the shimmery white, the pure smell in the crisp clean air. what's not to love.?

and then we went on vaca to Exuma, Bahamas where we stayed on Sandals Resort. loved it! mid 80s.
hubby enjoyed golf, i enjoyed the ride-along and the back 9holes views were to die4. magnificent, great food, a quiet pool, a larger pool and the lush gardens and long walkways gave you plenty of eye candy. so much so i took over 700 pics. just gorgeous. so happy hubby booked that for us last year.
coming in for landing