Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday chaos

my puppy
this is my sweet little puppy from days gone by.
he's now 7 this year.
but just as loving and adorable.
well at midnight on Thanksgiving Black Friday began. this year was not as bad bc they had a police officer at the entrance of our subdivision. if you didn't live in here you could not come in. it actually worked and they had another police officer stationed at the roadway to our area. he stopped the others from coming in an parking, tearing up our yards and trashing the area.
what are county planning commissions thinking when they allow businesses to overflow into residential? its not a good thing, unless you live in an area developed like NewTown where businesses are on the ground levels and apts are on the top part of townhomes. But then when a person buys there they know exactly what they are getting. That's a lifestyle the person really wants - to be in the middle of the bar scene and restaurants and shopping area.
my hubby and 5 other homeowners were at the entrance to our street from 11pm until 2am. people feel they have every right to park in front of our homes, cut through our yards just to get to the outlet mall down the street. it amazes me - people's rationales - of course, it's all about them.
on that note i am thankful for:
hubby getting involved in govt, sticking with it to the end, the rain-hailstorm last night, my warm home, the pleasure of family, memories, laughter, new memories, great food, hands to prepare it, health, love, devotion, kindness, gratitude, God love's us no matter what, my toasty bed, an umbrella and raincoat, clothes that still fit for the cruise.
i'm just plain grateful.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

my white Christmas

here is a little tree my hubby bought me at the end of summer when the first Christmas decorations came out. it was going outside but i like it right where it is. handmade decorations of white on this little tree with my homemade snowman family. daddy, mommy and baby.
have a very happy Thanksgiving.
the house is still quiet
i awake early to start the day
thawed out turkey filled with stuffing
so what can i say.
soon all the trimmings will be placed on the table
all will find their usual seats with one more added.
that always kind of neat.
i reflect over the year
the good news and some bad.
i am so thankful My God reigns
on this wonderful day as on every day.
Happy Thanksgiving
enjoy the glorious day, your family and friends.
that's what i am going to do
rejoice in this day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BY-The-Sea Charms

By the sea, by the deep blue sea
my charms were made for you and me.
don't know what to do with thumbnails pics.
add them to your lucky charms
along with repurposed jewelry
and create one-of-a-kind delights.
to remind you of the travels
near and far.
two pics in center taken from my cruise last year - Aruba.
i am counting down the days until i leave again.
packing lighter, checking that list, throwing out
more so that suitcase will be lighter.
no overweight charge for me this year.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kenya Christmas Box

Teri has a soldier friend in Kenya that requested decorated brown paper sandwich bags and also had a list of goodies we could collect an mail to him for Christmas distribution to children in their area. So here are a few things i was able to find. God so blessed me to find flip flops at \
70% off. i had given up finding any this late in the year. Yahoo, hip,hip,hurray!!! This goodies box will be mailed out tomorrow. thank you so much terri for the opportunity to give back to the servicemen and women around the world as they continue to give of themselves for us.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Song Bird

sing little bird

mouth full of treat

you swept down

to capture your prey


hurried back to safety.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Blind Side and Blind Challenge

have you seen this movie? it just came out yesterday and i had to see it. from a true story - i love Sandra Bullock so it was a must see for that reason alone. i loved it, we need more of this encouragement at the box office and not all the killing and gore.

Leilani's 5-Day Blind Challenge

Art Quilt Results

after the last step of sewing sides

in unusual ways it became my iron cover.

i truly love it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wildflower & Gratitude Continued

Wildflower on Skyline Drive

my hubby noticed this little flower growing all alone on the walking trail.
He asked me to take a picture of it.
on to my growing list of gratitude
1)2:30am wakeup call, 2)a gentle rebuke to obey, 3)living life simply, 4)noticing the neglected,
5)my dog taking me for walks, 6)Day 3 of devotional - the thorn in the flesh, 7)friend from GA called, 8)no tv watching, 9)son going to visit new doctor, 10)trusting God knows best, 11)a leaf-free yard, 12)i love piles of leaves, 13)the smell of Fall, 14)wood burning fireplace, 15)my brother killing his first deer of the season, 16)being able to work out issues, 17)enjoying my Inspired tags, 18)working on my sea charms, 19)phone calls from friends, 20)seeing a prophesy fulfilled!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

UUs Breast Cancer Doll

i had been meaning to take photos of this gorgeous doll UU made for me and sent with the healing friendship quilt the gang made for me. UU is an amazing artist and her laughter is contagious. a-a--a-shoo!! the cancer quilt behind her was made by my DIL. its a huggie.

do you notice her boobalas are major tasselled, pointy, beaded?

and here are another set for the person feeling a little overwhelmed with the pointy ones.
she made three sets, so now i can play dress up boobalas, never a dull moment.
and it keeps you guessing.

the little pin she made has a charm that reads "girlfriends".

there is so much detail in this little lady. she hangs on a chandelier in my dining room,

don't you think that is appropriate?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trees BR Page

Trees Bedroom Page for Me
i never posted Trees' page for me bc it came during the rough time with the diagnosis. There for a while everything stopped, the only focus was getting to the next doctor. I've been reading Suzanne Somers' book Knockout. It very interesting she has complied a list of alternative doctors for cancer treatments. Sad to say the medical field acknowledges they have killed many people from the meds they have administered. Suzanne Somers diagnosis was a nightmare to say the least. At least she has a voice that can make it count. Think of the everyday patient that deals with misdiagnosis and if they follow blindly believing the doctors are like a god. Not!!
My list of gratitudes
1book Knockout, 2Sarah Palin new book, 3Glen Beck's books, 4Psalm 1, 5my friend's new devotional book, 6reading for pleasure, 7gathering information, 8checking things out for myself, 9a new tire on car, 10checkup on car, 11money to pay the car bill, 12my naturopathic visit, 13herbs at work, 14trusting in God, 15B&N, 16peppermint tea, 17my hubby's attentiveness, 18twenty-one days to cruise, 19talked to all my sons today, 20God's faithfulness.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude Continued

love bears all things pillow was created by michelle for me. isn't her tie-dye gorgeous. it matches my quilt perfectly. thank you so much michelle.
Day 6 Gratitude
1my dog barking when someones around, 2waking up early, 3i am blessed every day, 4my groups, 5the dictionary, 6books i can finally alter, 7meeting new people, 8going to lunch w/ friend, 9dinner last night 10food in the cupboard, 11memorizing a new scripture, 12playing with my art techniques, 13-ning groups, 14terri, 15michelle, 16trading fun, 17shops in New Town, 18beautiful day in park yesterday, 19my doggies affection, 20leaves to rake in yard aka exercise.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Advent Calendar

i decided to place my magnetic advents art pieces on a broiler pan bottom. wonder what kind of paint i could use on the background to give it a Christmasy feel. i just love all the artistic little pieces all my friends did for this swap.
thank you very body, i am so looking forward to building up to Christmas using this advent calendar. It is another treasure from a great group of artists around the world.
Day 5 Gratitude
i am so grateful for
1- i can change the color of the letters if i want, 2i love feel of early morning air, 3for a new day, 4rising early, 5my #1 advent yoyo from Trees, 6my #2 advent book from leilani, 7for a newborn fighting for its life, 8the young ofc manager leaving Planned Parenthood after seeing an ultrasound abortion kill a baby, 9Fox news, 10the Bible is Word of Truth and never changes, 11the day is just beginning, 12i can go on very little sleep right now, 13freedom to post my feelings, 14Hannity, 15people who stand for Christian values, 16Jesus paid the ultimate price of freedom, 17there is light at the end of the tunnel, 18God's forgiveness, 19the love of family, 20listening to the Word of God read

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 4 Gratitude

back of page front page closed front page open

my last page assignment was for gretchen but UU will actually be the last. i have something big i want to do with hers, hopefully. Gretchen mentioned visiting Switzerland and other countries in her college days. Her memories were a little faded. So half the page is the face with different women in the background representing her memories of the trip. When you open the page the equestrian rider and horse lay across her forhead perfectly like a little cap. they are all muted colors to represent fading. Her back page is her jardinet with her little blossoms (children) growing in the pots. I used a little torn book page, a piece of colored lace, ribbon for stem, a fabric flower and brad in the center to finish the back page. stretched after Donna Downey's class.

DAY 4 Gratitude
1that i can post this new page, 2being able to have mail delivery, 3the sun is shining-hooray, 4i hear the birds chirping, 5my window view is gorgeous, 6its the Lord's day, 7one little bird is singing, 8my red rose bush is still in bloom, 9i was able to fix son breakfast, 10my laundry is finished, 11my dishes are in the dishwasher, 12greatful for things i have, 13i can help others, 14God hears my prayers, 15i am memorizing scripture, 16less than 30 days to anniversary cruise, 17i can read, 18go to library and get free books to read, 19you can request a new book from the library and they order it, 20this is a brand new day and God's mercies are new every morning. Clean slate!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday 14th Day 3 gratitude

i am so thankful for: 1love of hubby, 2going to breakfast with hubby, 3he loves me enough to fix computer, 4God never leaves ME, 5i can smell, 6for you reading this, 7fun inspiring people, 8taking a class, 9joy of the Lord, 10my diagnosis, 11God's one word for ME each year, 12He loved us enough to send His Only Son, 13struggles, 14working through the struggles, 15laughter, 16paying our son's tuition, 17trust, 18this past year 19friends online 20this time to express my gratitude.

Donna Downey Fabric Class

i could not resist taking a pic of the cutest couple around. Donna is sporting her new turquoise
eyewear and i caught Bill off-guard. They are so adorable. and love how they work together.

wired man heart on bottom

here are two of my canvas scrapbook pages from Donna Downey's new "Fabric" Fredericksburg class. She has so much to teach and the class was so much fun. lots and lots of gooey fingers.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 13th gratitude

thankful for: 1being able to read, 2laughing, 3my dog who is pawing me to feed him, 4that i have a washer and dryer in my house, 5i can see, 6i enjoy the warmth of my home, 7the rain, 8being able to feel, 9wondering with my mind, 10creating art, 11my groups, 12my mom celebrating 80bday, 13life, 14my brother who encourages me in the Lord, 15food, 16warm bed, 17freedom to do what i want, 18the men and women in service who serve and protect our country, 19my middle son who is a police officer, 20God's protection

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jilliene's Challenge of Gratitude

my dyed, stamped fishy fabric

leilani is having a FAT Five Day challenge. I don't think this is the blind leading the blind but i sure feel lost. Each day we are given instructions to follow in making our art quilt. Oh the challenge in that alone. but i am being taken out of my comfort zone - that's a good thing.

Jilliene has challenged us in the month of November to follow along with her in seven days of gratitude posting on our blogs. So here goes:

1 - for my next breath 2 - my hubby's great paying job
3 - my doc appt was interesting 4 - my doc's openness in listening to me
5 - everyday i get up 6 - i was able to cook a good meal for family
7 - i can laugh 8 - i have great friends online to stick w/ me
9 - i have great artist friends 10 - the rain feels great to walk in
11- i'm wet from walking in rain 12 - my son is doing great in college
13- i enjoy the small lit tree in my dr 14- for jilliene challenging me
15- i can read my Bible 16- God loves ME
17- i can leave my burdens w/ God 18- a warm home
19- we can pay our bills 20- opportunity to enjoy this day

Again thanks jilliene for making us aware of our attitude of gratitude. Be blessed today.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friendship Quilt

Friendship Quilt
i must say i have a great bunch of friends on my small group. after my diagnosis those little sneakers planned a quilt behind my back. Each one made a block and sent to "d" and "UU".
"d" put it together, added the border and UU quilted it.
when i received the big box in the mail i was shocked to say the least. i can truly say if my house were on fire two things i would grab - m family Bible and my quilt.
thank you all you artisty ones from around the world. i am honored.
next i must take pics of the beautiful doll UU made me and sent along. what a cheery little one she is. and also of michelle's heart pillow and leilanie's sweet little bag to carry to doc appts.
i've been slacking lately in blogging and creating - just enjoy hubby this week while he is off.
although we had doc appts every day. such is life.