Monday, September 15, 2014

Efffy Life Book 2015

effy wild is giving away a spot in the new upcoming Life Book 2015.  you should check her out.
sand creatures on the Assateague beach what big eyes you have and those lips do not need botox!

View From The Backyard

growth atop a cut piece of tree

my neighbors plant over growing my fence
my FIL loved the waterways, one day he brought me these wonderful lamps.

i miss my FIL - he was a gentle man, kind and very in tune to our children. he loved coming down and surprising them with play dates. my time of getting a little break and his time of laughing and making memories with our three sons.  where has the time gone?  so glad i have memories.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

DLPwk38 - a feather

my spread was ready to go for this coming week bc my son is getting married on the 20th. and kate crane's Journal Soup 2 class included quirky owls.  so much fun!
here is the finished spread with the feathers attached to a butterly.  i love how the quirky owls page turned out. the duct tape and washi tape house is perfect backdrop for these colorful pair
pure delight and contentment being in my backyard. and yes that is fabric on my shed wall. wood from a cut tree in my yard. the birds love flying in and out of there.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pink Lady and The Owls

kate said to practice, even though she is very pink I really like her.
 and here is my finished Who Owls page. really love this class.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Owl Be Back

Part 6 of Journal Soup 2 with kate crane introduces the quirky owl. my who't owl is sitting back chillin' in his margaritaville chair.  WIP is his frank lloyd wright home or that's what i'm feelin'. he may not rest here long, hoot knows! but one thing is for sure i loved creating him so there will be many more little hoots.

Addicted 2 Journal Soup

i would rather eat this than food.  seriously i am addicted. i love kate crane's way of art'ing and journal soup fills up my soul. my hubby loved my finished canvas from Part 1.  and since i did not have black gesso thought i might mosey on over to Michael's to see if they had any. 

really, i mean seriously i have never shopped like i did this morning, it must be my sleep deprivation. bc i went in after these two items - black gesso and a range of pinks in primacolor pencils.
and when all was said an done - don't know how long i was in there but i do know how much i spent walking out with these clearance items - i thought i had hit the motherlode.
basket, stencils, H20s, foil, colorshine, paints, texture products, stamps, droppers, zipper flowers, birdie mirror, frames, more self-ink stamps and did i mention stencils.
i mean i really, really went crazy.  it must have been the 9/11 remembrance that drove me over the edge. i guess this is a tough day for so many Americans.
i remember it was my DIL's birthday and my son (police officer) was involved in a shooting with a rapist.  fortunately they did arrest and prosecute the guy but my son reflects on that more than we might care to mention.
thank you kate crane for your desire to teach and do it online. you are a fantastic teacher.  i am off to play with all my goodies to see if i can make a whimsical owl.
thank you to all the police officers and firefighters who serve everyday tirelessly.
i happen to have one of each in my sons.
May God bless all our civil servants.

Mi Casa

kate used black gesso so i had no black gesso - improvised using white gesso and purple acrylic paint to begin. love that purple kate!
 as you  taught us - adding layers and texture. lovin' it so far. fav color orange.
 and ta-da! i absolutely love this "think" house.  my one word 2014 is thinking. as you can see my phrase is off reversed two lines but it is now corrected at 1:30am.  see what Journal Soup will do for you - keep you strong and playing wee into the night.

no butterflies another substitution - use my bird punch and glitter that little birdie. i used cut up pics for my walkway. also for my door - a piece of recycled pic reads "by Rose".

thank you kate part 1 has been amazing.