Sunday, August 31, 2008

Double Duty

I thought it ironic that I am beginning an AB book using the Sound Of Music as part of the book. Last night on the family channel what do you think was playing? Of course, The Sound Of Music. Confirmations, they are wonderful things, aren't they. Plunge in with both feet. My first
pages are very simple, although, I did put a niche in the back for my
page.
There are 7 artists doing this RR. Three in England, one in Canada and three in USA. There were 7 VonTrapp family children. The number 7 represents perfection and completion. Did you know there are only 7 musical notes?! Julie Andrews is an actress that always inspires me when I see her perfom. I loved her in Princess Diaries and of course she was wonderful in the Sound of Music.
Reading more about Fanny Crosby -
she was a wonderful poet and wrote this poem in regard to her blindness:
Oh, what a happy soul I am,
Although I cannot see!
I am resolved that in this world
Contented I will be.
How many blessings I enjoy
That other people don't,
To weep and sigh because I'm blind
I cannot and I won't!

Today I will leave home for work at 10am and probably not get home until 11:30 pm. I work a double shift. My hubby and youngest son and his girl friend are driving to the beach to be in church service with our oldest son. I wish I could be there too. But I will be there in spirit. My prayers will go with them. My son attends a large church, they have a large number of 18 - 25 year olds on Thursday night's - around 700. So for him to play for their service was a big deal. He is very humbled by it all.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Altered Inspirational Women Book

Back in 2007 I did a postcard exchange with the theme "Inspirational Women". I was reminded of the trade bc I am in the process of preparing my first IW AB RR. The initials stand for Inspirational Women Altered Book Round Robin. I am looking forward to this new adventure as there are so many firsts I will be experiencing.
I had chosen an old Labor Law book from 1905 as my first choice. But when I began to glue and alter it the pages tore and fell apart.
So I have chosen an ole' Baptist Hymnal to alter. I think this was suppose to be the one all along. With the amazing, daily happenings in my oldest sons life dealing with music I think it is totally the right one. Each one of my family members are musical also. I love the musical Sound of Music and one of my first pages will be a take-off on that.
My first inspiring woman will be a tribute to my friend Fannie, whose family is musical also. I chose Fanny Crosby as my first woman of inspiration. She wrote over 8000 songs under 100 different pseudonyms. The most amazing thing about her was she became blind shortly after birth. My first altered page will be page 42 in the hymnal. Page 41 is her song To God Be the Glory. I love that song. The last part of the chorus goes like this:
"O come to the Father, thro' Jesus the Son,
And give Him the glory,
great things He hath done. Amen."
That brings back childhood memories growing up in a Southern Baptist church singing the ole' hymns. I remember all the ladies wearing their fancy hats to church on Sunday. I can see my granny in her little pill box hat right now. What a time to be growing up in.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Moonlight Over Williamsburg

I'm not sure if you can enlarge one of these. This pic is one I had taken early one morning from my backyard while standing on my deck. The moon is shining through the trees. So a fun, quick way to make an ATC is to use a program, such as my scrapbook program, upload the pic and add a little whimsy with clipart. I call this "Moonlight Over Williamsburg". I think I will add a fun, Halloween word on the front, attach black felt on the back along with my label and send them to "G".

"G" is helping an entrepreneur friend that is opening a gift/paper/stamping store in her hometown. I'll suggest she use these as a gift to others interested in her star book and ATCs on opening day.

My Son's Blessings
of course he knows what to say to make his mother cry. My oldest has been so blessed this week in his calling with music. His church worship leaders are given him great opportunities to move in his gifting of music. He said, "I think of you and dad all the time, mom, bc if it weren't for you helping me I couldn't do what I am doing. I am thankful to you." Then he went on to tell me how they have ask him to assist with praise and worship with the youth this weekend. He will also be a lead singer during Sunday's service.
But what I love most of all is this: The people that have seen and heard him say to him,
"We love your spirit and how you worship God.
Any one can sing and play but its the spirit in you that makes the difference."
Now that made me cry again. My hubby and son and his girl friend are planning on going to the beach on Sunday to church service to be with our son. I wish I could go but I will be pulling a double duty at work and can't get out of that. My heart could not be full of any more joy even if I did get to see him on Sunday. Its the fact that he is doing what he has always been called to do. And he knows how much I love him and pray for his fullness in Christ.
i even laughed when he told me the story of his business building electricity totally going out on Wednesday. Something that never happens. He said, "Mom I know God did that so I could get to church early. I had spent my lunch time praying to God that no matter what time I got there or what happened I would still worship Him bc it wasn't about me." That's what my son said.
Divine Intervention - I love that!!!
When we see a person's heart it makes all the difference.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home-ing Pigeon

Here are some great pieces of art work from Pilar. I won them on her birthday blog. The two in the middle are magnets. Aren't they great.

She has really worked to make the backgrounds interesting. I wonder how long it took her to create the backgrounds alone. My favorite magnet is the one on the bottom.

I have more I'll show you tomorrow. Pilar lives in California. Thank you Pilar for hostessing your birthday give-away.

Now I must run to get ready for work. The humidity here today is aweful and I seem to have a headache from it. But I will keep going. Prayers please since I will be in the ticket booth dealing with money. Don't you hate it when you're not on your "A" game? I guess the "A" game means you are running on all cyclinders and half of mine are functioning today. I'll do my best. That is all anyone can ask.

You can tell Fall is just around the corner. Out my window yesterday at work, I was on the golf course, I watched our new addition. A beautiful white pigeon has made his home on hole #3.
The players were fascinated with him. He is having difficulty flying but he can make it to the top of the water fall and perches in that area. Have a great day, off to work I go.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God's Blessing in Son's Music

Hallow Eve

I said it once but I'll say it again. I don't usually do anything Halloween but "G" needs a few ATCs for display in her star book. So here is another "primitive" scary house ATC. The background is the textured painted gravel. Its actually a copy of the original gravel piece. I just love that texture!!

I've added a few bats, dead flowers on the sides of the house and of course a pumpkin. The house is aglow waiting.

God's Blessing

My oldest called with some great news. His church praise leader called him and ask him if he would co-lead tomorrow night. Its too short notice for me to get off work and get to the beach to see him. That was what he asked his dad and I to do - come see him. Oh boy!! what a heart disappointment for me. I asked him if they do video to get me a copy. Its not the same as seeing him in person. He was so excited and realized God is blessing him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colliding With His Love

I don't usually do Halloween stuff. But this little ATC is a primitive felt black cat with a paper background. I did the paper painting some time back. The trim is actual binding cut down and glued around the edges. I used different markers to add the words on the background. The little purple wiskers are some kind of fishing line from the tackle shop.

At 2am this morning I flicked my tv channel over to 20 and kept it there for a second. Actually it was just long enough to see my son's church's service on air. As I continued to watch I saw my son in the praise team singing. To see my son raise his hands to worship Almighty God was, well, must I say, I felt the tears well up inside me. I am so thankful for God never giving up on any of us and continuing to draw us to Him. As I type this post I am listening to one of the songs my son has recorded. From the depths of his soul he writes, as many of us paint, draw, stitch, sew, and alter to create our art.

Nothing will ever satisfy me like my relationship with Jesus Christ. Its there that I find consolation when none seems to be found in this crazy world. To Him I owe my life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Creative Textile Art

Fused Felted Art

Ok yesterday I went down to pickup the permanent tags for the Scion. So never waste a trip near an art store. I explored my Joann's store and I always gravitate toward the book section. Actually I think I've mentioned my fetish for books like some women have for shoes or clothes. Well I was not disappointed!! With my trusty little discount coupon I purchased Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal.

I spent the evening drooling over the pics and techniques. So since I am off today thought I would give it a go. I had purchased a Creative Textile tool over a year ago but never played with it. I pulled out my felt and fabrics and started to play. I wasn't worried about failing only experimenting with unusual fabrics and fibers.

Here are two pics I finished. The larger piece is blue felt with all kinds of layered fabrics fused together. I like the burned hole in the piece. And the last felted leaf, which by the way the scan is awful, is fused too. There is a lot of technique in this one. More than someone would realize. I burned an indention in it and placed my version of a beaded caterpillar in it. Then I beaded the glow-in-the-dark green word "good" on to it also. The colors aren't even close to the real thing.

The next day I have off again I will experiment some more. Fun, fun, fun.

A GIVE AWAY BY NOEL She is an awesome beader and makes beautiful icicle dolls. Go on over and check out her give away by clicking on her name.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sketch or Sketchy

During my work yesterday I decided to work on a sketch out the
window at work. I haven't finished it yet. I also had a little scare with a weirdo. I had to ask a manager to come down to take care of this guy.
My son happened to be working that zone and called me later to say he had spoken with the individual and informed him he shouldn't be on the property if he's not playing. This guys conversation went obscene very quickly with me. This was very unsettling but I do have a lock on the building I am in and I will use it.
Its a beautiful day here and I am signing off to take my dog to the park. My son left last night bc he wanted to be in church this morning.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Every Day With Jesus

I flip back around and head to work as soon as I shower. I was pondering the little tiny filter you talk through when in the ticket booth. Its absolutely amazing the smells that come through so strong. I can smell the scent of perfume or the strong aftermath of alcohol with each breath a person takes.

Life is interesting and working for the summer has opened my closed eyes to so-o-o much.
There is a little song that goes like this

Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.
Every day with Jesus I love him more and more.
He's the one that keeps me and He's the one I'm living for.
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus sweetest name I know.
Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Son Home To Visit

my son just arrived to visit through Sunday. I get snippets of time with him until Sunday. Hopefully before he goes back to the beach I will get to spend time with him on Sunday.
Right now he's next door visiting middle son. My hubby commented, "Those sons are something else." And I agree. My youngest had to rush today to get to his first day of class at VCU. He thought it started on Monday. He also paid for two day delivery of his books and don't you know they just arrived today. Really four days late. What's the deal?

I am leaving for work in another half hour. Have a great weekend. I didn't get another leaf finished. But I did bid on another piece of art to benefit a kidney recipient. I'll post a pic when it arrives.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hi Everyone: i have finished another day in the ticket booth. Maybe
tonight I will get another leaf finished. We will see but for now I am
headed out to eat with my hubby.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camera Software

I wish someone could help me on this. My camera upload software
expired. Now do I renew or use something else. But what? I don't
know how to search or find something. What are you guys using?

This pic is awful bc I scanned the leaves on my printer; then
uploaded them to my blog.

I really love the one leaf with the "legend" face bc it pays tribute
to Nj's daughter, Eden and her love for "The Giving Tree." Inside
running down the middle is a straw with a message (paper glued
to a toothpick). Also running down the middle is a piece of metal
wire and on both ends hanging out are the words "Give" and
"love". Around the clay face I glued on more pieces of cutout
What do you think about my Chiquita in the upper left corner?
ps - I balanced out to the penny working the ticket booth. Yahoo!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When A Son Expresses His Love

Yesterday was a wonderful day to watch my youngest son express his love for his dad. The only thing missing, my camera. I would love to have captured that moment on film. We had just finished signing the papers for a new Scion. Outside I watched as my son leaned over to his dad, hugged him and then kissed him. They continued to exchange conversation as they looked over the car and the owner's manual. He liked the sun roof and of course, the most important thing for a young person, where's the ipod cord!! I like simple.

Off to work later. You all have a God-day.

Oh yeah - I won a subscription on Fannie's site. The subscription is for "Home Companion". I have been buying it off the newstand but now I will get it delivered to my home. Thank you Fannie for being so generous with giveaways.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Man of My Dreams

The Giving Tree

Here are two more felted leaves I am working on. They are inspired from a little book Nj read to her daughter. Its titled The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I read tons of books to my little guys when they were small but never came across this one. Its really a cute green book. My leaves are a take on everything living and having a spirit. Don't you just love the little personalities of the leaves? lol You know in the Bible there is a scripture that talks about "even the rocks will cry out if we are silent". I need to go find that scripture and study it.

Its brought to light my attitude about giving. Have I become greedy, non-complacent, less caring to the world around me? How can I give back and make a difference in people's lives?

The Man I Married

Yesterday I was thinking how thankful I am to have my husband and the man that he is to our family and everyone he meets. He is such a thorough person, so caring and so godly. Today if everything goes smoothly our son will have a new car to drive to college. My hubby is not frivolous and counts the cost not just in money, but to our family. He considers how it will affect us and what will the purchase do to our relationships. Will it cause a strain, is it too heavy a burden to bear at this time? These are all questions he asks?

Last night at closing time at work I got to see my son in an official capacity. Yet I saw the tenderness in a son wanting to make sure his mother was ok.

I pray for a family that has a dad that is controlling and abusive. He does not see the value in his son and family. It appears he is like a time bomb waiting to explode. I pray he will get the help he needs but most of all that he will see that he needs the help and ask for it. Even walking my dog this morning I saw domestic violence. A couple that was having a heated discussion and turned into the man placing his hands on the woman in a harmful way. He's a big man and she so tiny. Does he really feel like that is the solution to his problem? Why do women stay with a man like that?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

FAT Felted Encouragment Leaf

Finally I was able to play a little bit last night. FAT is having a trade
of needle felted encouragment leaves. You can embellish them any
way you want and just have fun with them. Here is one I have been
working on. Its not finished yet. I did place another eyelet in the
leaf to attach a beaded encouragment inchie on too. I needle felted my
version of a dragonfly and flower on each side. I think I might put some
beads on but I'm not sure yet.
Off to work I go this evening, but I before I go maybe a little more needle
felting on another leaf. This can be addicting, punching is legal here. lol

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's A Fairey Got to Do With a Car

I've been practicing my drawing. I'm playing with the fairies. And this
is so much fun. But I need a better eraser so my lines do not show.
I had another fantastic day watching my son and hubby test drive a new Scion. They brought it up to the house and little man gave me a ride in it. It's a stick instead of automatic. I wasn't sure he could drive a straight.
Surprise, surprise. Its really a beautiful little car for him driving back and forth to college. It has a sun roof and other than that its basic. He wants white. My hubby said he wishes I could have seen our son's face when they arrived at the dealership. You see this son never asks for anything.
My hubby didn't buy it right away. But later told me he would love to totally surprise our son by buying it and bringing it into our backyard, sending him out to get something in the shed and SURPRISE! the car would be sitting there!!! Not sure that will happen but I love the spirit of my hubby to bless our son.
Our middle son came over today and told his dad "Hey dad you and I need to spend some time together." Next week hubby is off all week from work - son is off Tues thru Thurs. I can see some quality together-time coming. It will be good for all of them since I will have to work.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Redeeming Love

Yesterday I could not get enough sleep. BUT I was awake at one
point when my windows were up and the breeze was coming in
through the house. My youngest son reached for the doggie leash
and took our dog outside to sit in the swing and read a book. He
was just so relaxed. His girlfriend convinced him to read
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. There was something
about that picture for me that was better than a beautiful sunset.
He is truly an amazing son.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Answers To Prayer

Yesterday was an awesome but tiring day for my son and me. Three things that were very important to me were answered by God. He's so amazing. Right at the very beginning there was a church we passed on the way into campus. I commented on checking that church out last year on line. When we went through all the display tables there was a table I was drawn to first. One of the guys manning it graduated from VCU, so he is alumni, and attending the same church. My son and this guy seemed to hit it off from the beginning. He even shared with my son how he had wanted the School of the Arts but was in tv/media production. I just really feel this man will be an important person in my son's life in days to come.

During the Academic Overview the advisor introducing this section was very knowledgable and his appearance/style drew me into what he was sharing with the new students. He mentioned he would get some of the students during their personal advisor session. Right then I prayed and ask God to let this person be the advisor for my son. There was something about him I felt my son needed to hear more from him. My son's appt was for 12:30. So we left and went to the dining hall to eat together. Their dining hall was very nice, clean and the food fantastic.

When we went back to the hall where the advisors were meeting with the students we had to wait. It was going on 1pm and I was wondering if they had forgotten my son bc others behind him had been called in. BUT God had set the wheels in motion. The advisor I ask God to provide for my son stepped out and called my son by name. This advisor drew my son right into the class selections for his major. Not only that but he made a call to get him in a closed class. He placed several other calls for us not pertaining to classes so we wouldn't have to do it later. My son really liked this guy. What a big answer to prayer for me.

And my other concern bc there are 32,000 students in such a confined area was would there still be parking spaces left. I didn't want my son going to class everyday wondering where he would park. They had one parking deck left not too far from his classes, he and I both felt like a parking deck was better than a parking lot. Another answer to prayer.

Well we were exhausted but on our way home after a long, productive day. I feel great about all the college experience so far. It even drew me into an excitement for myself in taking some classes but closer to home.

The icing on the cake: my son went with his dad and I out to dinner. We just talked. He is such an awesome young man.

Thank You God so much for loving me and most of all loving my son, your son.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shaping A Future Generation

This journal I made in Sue's class is going to be given to the friend
who lost her son in a car accident several weeks back. When I made this journal I selected the word "Jamestown" cut from our local newspaper and put it on the journal. I used the "health/medical" man symbol and the phrase "help shape future" on the cover.

Ok here is the strange but yet perfect journal for this mom. She is a physical therapist and natureopathic teacher. And the high school her son attended is named
Jamestown High School. Don't you think this is an appropriate and meaningful gift for her. I
think it is just like God to tug at my heart to give this away. I had actually put it on my shelf and forgot about it until ......

The other day I heard she and her hubby are going to begin ministering to the students at Jamestown. She could probably use an empty, new journal.

My acronym for SHAPE - Share Hope And Pray Eternally.
Today I spent the entire day at College orientation with my youngest son. It was an exhausting day walking all around campus to complete his paperwork. BUT I so enjoyed being with my son and sharing lunch and just good quality time with him for an important day in his life. He is an awesome son!!
I think they need to make it a treasure hunt or some fun game like a maze to solve. I wonder if I lost any weight walking? lol
He will definitely need his own car, driving 100 miles per day for 4 days. Well, he sold his motorcycle and now we are working on our end to make that possible.
He went to dinner with his dad and I tonight too. I so enjoy listening to his heart.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unfinished Olympic Inchies

She's GOLD
I didn't make the FAT Olympic inchie trade. But I am still
working on mine. The first one is the circular inchie gold
medal. Three of the inchies will make up an Olympic participant.
This one is a swimmer. The little crown on her head is a found
earring. I am going to wire the three inchies together. So far I
like what I have created.

Now I think I will retire to bed since I have a sickening headache or its
more a bad shoulder/headache. Its from working tonight. I was short
$3.00 and I knew exactly when I did this one. How frustrating!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby

Austrialian Birthday Gift

On a FAT trade "Out of The Blue", Kathryn from Australia
made a beautiful wind chime out of a disc and fabric. On the tails she wrote encouraging words. I loved this great piece of art and so for my birthday she sent me one. Now it hangs in the corner of my studio right by my cutting table.

I can choose one of the tails, read it and be encouraged when I am feeling down.
The one showing says "IMAGINATION". The little Japanese girl on front of the card is so adorable. She is a Porcelina design. And she looks like a little porcelain doll.
Hubby's Birthday Happy, Happy Birthday
Today is my hubby's birthday and I am working tonight
and he's working during the day. I saw tears form in his eyes this morning after I gave him my card and Bear gave him his birthday card. He said to me, "It won't be the same this year without you." I have never missed being with him on his birthday in all the years we dated or have been married.
It made me sad to think about it. BUT I do know God's ways and purposes are bigger than any of us. My sons and DIL will take him out for dinner tonight. Hopefully they will insist bc hubby will blow it off w/o me there. Pray he will allow them this expression of love for him to celebrate his wonderful day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taken By Surprise - death

We know death is something we will all experience but when it comes to someone unexpectedly it throws you for a loop. I was caught off guard yesterday. While my hubby was working in the yard our neighbor came over to tell us sad news. His wife had been in the hospital the past week and she had passed away on Wednesday. It was totally unexpected. I am still in shock. They had moved down from Connecticut recently. She was very sweet and had been in a serious accident at her work when she lived up North. The accident had caused permanent brain damage. Her daughter several months back had their first grandchild and she enjoyed being able to visit with her and love on her.

I continue to be reminded to enjoy every day to the fullest and major on the important things like family and friends. Sharing my love and encouraging them to excel in their lives is so important. Just being there for them is important. My walk with God becomes more important every day bc without Him I can do nothing. What minor thing are you majoring on? Maybe its time to let it go and enjoy your life.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Weekend

"Catch The Magic" Did you catch the magic of the opening Olympics in Beijing, China? It seemed magical.

and i am actually off from work. BUT today we head up to Richmond to show our son how to get to the college on Wednesday for orientation. Everything seems to be going so fast.

My middle son, the busy police officer, whom I haven't seen in a week, stopped by last night to get something to eat. He's excited they installed a computer in his car. Now he gets all his info straight from the input and much quicker, when responding to stops and calls. Technology is amazing. It's so sad though bc on Thursday in Virginia Beach a police officer was shot and killed. He leaves behind a wife and two young sons. I pray every day for the safety of my son and all the guys on the force. They are all so quick to back one another up but it only takes a second for a fatality. I've said this before but my greatest concern is that shooters have become so young, just little children carrying weapons, and breaking the law. Unfortunately, most come from broken homes and have grown up in that environment.

I want to go down to the beach on Sunday to attend church with our oldest son. Not sure that will happen. He has started experiencing anxiety attacks again, its work related. So keep him in prayer.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Let The Games Begin

What a day!!! 8/8/08 The Day of New Beginnings. The opening of the 29th Olympics was awesome. Now all the athletes hard work pays off. They're going for the gold.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Prophetic Artist

I fell in love with this artist and her artwork. So my hubby purchased two
of her pieces. Now to get them framed and hung on my wall. This is called "Free to Live". Check out her work and read the beautiful comments she wrote on the star fish. I also purchased the "Warring Dove."

I'm reading a book I bought yesterday - The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth by Richard Paul Evans. My oldest son called yesterday to ask me to find the King James Bible laying on my dining room table and find the notes his dad had written at the top of one of the pages. It fell open right to where my son had been reading while he was home over the weekend to Psalm 90.
My hubby's note read "It is God's presence that gives the task importance! not size of task." When I read that to my son, he said, "Mom tell dad even when he is not talking to me directly, he is speaking to me." He is beginning to have minor panic attacks again. They are happening as he drives to work. I know where he is working is tough but God will see him through. I trust God's direction for my son. My heart's desire - "That somehow God would provide for him to go to Bible College in the Fall" but is that God's desire for him right now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Leprechaun's Sunset

Yesterday while working I stopped long enough to take this awesome sunset through a tour bus. I think I will enlarge the pic with the tree branches and leaves and the sunset.

The sunset was beautiful, but the best pic
was the one that got away.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Great-Auntie

Yesterday I received this wonderful goodie bag of
baby gifts I ordered from Sherry. I can't wait to mail
it out to my sister. She is a first-time grandmother.
Little Marc is going to look so cute wrapped in his
minkie blankie.

Christian Celebrities

I was watching an interview with Sinbad. He mentioned in his early years he started out being a dirty comedian. But once when his father came to watch his act, he knew he had to clean up his act before his father. He talked about being in Hollywood and the people there saying he is not "controversial" enough; that he's too "clean". I think he meant by controversial that he didn't do the raunchy, vulgar, low standards comedy so many comedians do today.

He is a great actor and comedian, who lives Jesus. I had to laugh as he told the stories of wanting to go through "his" door instead of the one God had picked out for him. He was so real sharing about his anger with God.

REAL, yeah, How REAL can you get with those around you?
Can you be yourself? I found myself shying away from telling a young man
at work that tore tendons in his arm that I would pray for him.
But that is who I am. Why would I want to deny God and His gifts through prayer?

Monday, August 04, 2008

FAT Goddess ATCs

Here are two wonderful ATCs from Ange and Linda.

Aren't they great! The color in the covered lady is awesome and all the embellishments just add to the ATC. The other is a collaged
piece with great texture, even the backing fabric is luscious.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Amulet Trade

Sherry and Jen traded these great amulet bags with me on FAT. Sherry's is the beautiful fancy brown fabric one. Inside it has the Christian "fish" symbol charm. Inside Jen's amulet bag is a needle case, she even included a needle. They are very unique amulets.
I can't wait to have an opportunity to wear them.

Guess who came to visit? Of course, Ruby and her family. I told her she is going to be the most famous little girl to visit us on a regular basis. Her mother found that amusing and loved the fact that I remember Ruby by name.
It's a great day to be alive in the Lord. I love reading Proverbs.
Proverbs 3:5,6 says
"Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your steps."
I wish I could have been home today when my oldest left to go back to the beach. He ended up in urgent care too. His throat was raw, and he found it difficult to eat. But at least being home gave him an opportunity to be quiet and rest and get medicine. He so does not take care of himself.
Now I am signing off to go listen to my son's three songs. He gave me a copy to listen to when I get a chance.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Today I have rested on the couch. My leg problem has made me very tired.

My SIL and BIL rode down on their Harley to visit. They lost their bull dog, Lucy a week ago. My SIL is very depressed and lost without Lucy. They did not realize her throwing up was caused by an inoperable stomach cancer.

It was fun watching all my sons with their uncle joking about tatoos. My SIL wants to get a tatoo of her two dogs' faces on her lower back.

What do you say - everyone handles situations in so many different ways.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Good Night

Just arrived home from work. My oldest son came to visit
through tomorrow. My leg is still very sore, red and painful.
But they say its not any kind of clot. Thank God and thank
everyone for praying. Sue you are so funny.

Another gorgeous sunset!!