Monday, June 30, 2008

Angel Quilt Project

This is the Angel project quilt top another guild member did for me. I am struggling with this piece and how to finish it. Once we received the tops back we were told we could add/delete whatever we wanted and finish the angel quilt. There seems to be no cohesiveness to the piece for me. I do like the Native American girl and the piece with the gardenia beside her. I have thought about pulling those two pieces an putting them on a different background or even painting the background fabric.
Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I don't want to hurt the member's feelings, but its just too busy even for me. I may just not finish the top at all. The Angel Quilts were to be finished and collected through the guild to display at Mancuso Quilt show next year in Hampton Roads.

The Last Day

of June 2008. Where has the first half of this year gone? I can not believe its July!! Last night after getting off work I found myself watching two shows I never watch. Well I don't watch much tv anyway. I watched Army Wives and Grey's Anatomy. Both of them had very traumatic tragedies on them. In one the commandant's family was dealing with the death of their daughter from a bombing. And in the other I believe the tragedy was a ferry had been struck and many people were missing, dead or unidenitified in the hospital. Even one of the main character nurses/doctor had fallen into the water and was drowning. One question ask struck me: If I went missing would anyone miss me? one of the nurses asked another one.

The hospital was not equipped to deal with all the family members coming in to look for loved ones. Finally one of the attendants began taking polaroid pics of all the accident victims and posting them on the board. A simple solution to a major problem. Simplicity! what happened to that concept since the computer age?

I cried through both of these shows. So much tragedy in the world today. But many parts of the world have had wars for years and children have grownup in a war-torn world. Our American children have no idea what other parts of the world struggle through every day.

So I ponder this: If I went missing how long would it take for someone to notice I was missing?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fannie and Fan-C Bear

Now I can show you this cute little bear. I made this sweet creation using a pattern by fannie. My favorite part was that the bear is so easy to stuff.

She created this wonderful and very simple pattern. If you love
bears and creating your very own, her patterns are for sale in her etsy
store. Just click on her name above to learn all about her and Fan-C Bear.

Fannie is an amazing person, let alone artist, friend, inventor, giver, and trainer. She shares so much of her knowledge everyday with people all around the world. Her work is absolutely amazing; its breath-taking. Check out her blog and her etsy store. This is her new venture.
Go over and support a wonderful artist by purchasing one of her bear patterns. You won't regret purchasing a bear pattern by fannie.
Counting My Blessings
When I consider all the great things God has done for me, Fannie's friendship is at the top of the list. She is truly a wonderful person. Her love for family and fellow man is what makes her so special. She is a busy artist attending college in Fine Arts. I have loved getting to know Fannie.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

FAT Technique Week 3

Wrapped Spoon Goddess

Noel offered a Technique Week 3 on FAT this past week. She demonstrated her techniques for the "spoon goddess". She used alcohol inks on her head part but I will have to wait for those. What I did use was acrylic lumiere paints but the tribal head I used covered the entire spoon head. I added fiber around the head. It was painted with neocolor wax pastels.
I wrapped her with batting and a plastic bag then wrapped her in muslin. I want to see if I can give the impression she is pregnant. This is my Native American She Warrior w/ Child. The pink organza underneath her may be used over the muslin. I might even paint symbols on the muslin bc it would show through.

Friday, June 27, 2008



When is a bargain really a bargain. I was in Michael's today and found these cute little color wheel activity books by Eric Carle with watercolor cakes, markers and paintbrushes, and tubes of paint for $2.00 a piece. They were in the "Clearance" isle hidden underneath scrapbook paper packages.
I plan on using them to get my creative juices going. They are so colorful and any child would love them. It says for ages 3+ so I guess I fit that criteria. To me this is a great bargain. The other book cover has an octopus on it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Practice Does Not Always Make Perfect

UTEE - ultra thick embossing enamel
Here are some samples from this weeks workshop using embossing powders, which I know nothing about. I did buy some last month, but couldn't remember why. I must have looked ahead to see I would need them. The top two on black fabric are using a stamp with purple Tulip acrylic paint, then pouring utee on and heat setting with a heat gun.
The brown felt is done the same way. Then the black fabric sample beside the brown felt is using the PearlEx powder. Very interesting if you want glitz. I still want to know if you can melt the utee, dip a rubber stamp in to it and stamp with it. Or would it dry too quick?
Does it ruin the stamp?
I wonder if Kathleen, my teacher at QA, would know the answers to all my questions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FAT Goddess ATC Trade & Thoughts


I finished my Pink ATC series and am trading three in the FAT Goddess trade. I named them - Rae of Sunshine, Goddess of Wish, and Domestic Goddess. Here is a closeup of "Wish". This is made with paper fabric from tissue paper, muslin, acrylic paint and machine stitched. Embellished with left over paper fabric, a "wish" sticker, two turquoise beads, silk daisy flowers, and an utee face.
Do you know when you are being taken advantage of? Do you know how to gracefully and with diplomacy stand your ground without tearing the other person down? In the past I know I would have given anyone what they ask. I have an older gentleman at work the very first day he met me was interested in my schedule. He seems to want to change with everyone to get a perfect schedule for himself. I will go back to work tomorrow and have to let him know in a loving way I need to stick to the schedule for me without explanation, no apologizes and not feel bad about my decision. What do you do when a situation like that arises?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Entertaining Angels Unaware

I finished my amulet bag by adding a string of beads for the necklace. I am a procrastinator when it comes to hand anything. But I accomplished what I set out to do. This piece is done by hand. Hurray!!

Angels - Our Unseen Companions
After my son's wreck this past week I am sharing this story from
His Mysterious Ways-Miracle of Prayer.
This lady was driving home after visiting her family on Christmas. There was water on the roadway which quickly turned very slick as the temps dropped. Suddenly her wheels skidded, the brakes locked and the guardrail was coming at her fast. She just had enough time to cry out, "God, help me."
The impact of the crash threw her into the back seat where she blacked out. As she came to a man and his son were bent over her. He explained that a police officer had seen the entire thing and was calling for help.
Looking out the window she realized her car had been moved to the other side of the highway and parked safely on the shoulder. As she was being taken care of another car hit the same patch on the roadway.
When the police officer came over to her he ask her where the male driver was. "You know the man who drove the car to this spot?" "I saw him." he said.
The father and son said they had seen him too. He had crossed the lane and parked the car on the shoulder. "But he didn't get out bc we had to break a window to get to you." explained the father.
As she had prayed God had answered. Someone had been with her.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pray Without Ceasing

and Give Thanks In All Things

While working last night my hubby stopped by to tell me our son had wrecked his car. We had a bad storm and there was lots of water sitting on roadways. His vehicle hydroplaned and hit a tree totalling his car. On his arms are burns from the airbag deploying. He is sore in his lower back. His Sargent checked out the area and our son won't be charged.

My oldest son and a bunch of friends are headed to Lakeland, Florida where the healing revival is going on. He is very excited to see what God is doing.

I know God took care and protected my son during his car wreck and He will protect my son and friends heading to and from Virginia. Pray without ceasing. And like yesterday I choose to see God in all things.

What Does This Look Like?

I thought it was the beginning of a mushroom growing in my yard. Two days ago I sat down in my yard with my camera to take pics. While sitting there I came across this. I loved the color but the growth looks like a finger. What do you think?
The next day is was wilted and dying.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Senses

My Senses

I love the colors in things God created. Yesterday I found this blue egg shell laying on the ground in my backyard. Of course, I had to take a pic bc I was drawn to the blue color. Even the decking color is an interesting background to the blue eggshell. Seeing!

Yesterday my hubby picked a magnolia bloom for me too. It is opening up today. I placed it on my kitchen counter and the smell is so lovely. What a great fragrance. Smelling!

I can hear outside my window the sound of a lawnmower. But my favorite sound outside my window is the chirping of birds as they begin to wake in the early morning hours. Yesterday around 3:30 when my dog was outside throwing up it was silent and still. Hearing!

When I awoke about an hour ago I looked in my frig and there on the top shelf was the macaroni salad my hubby had been craving. My DILs mom made it for my hubby, at his request. Last week he went over while she was next door and handed her a ten dollar bill. When she ask what that was for, he put in his request. She chuckled, and I am sure she was very honored that he desired to have some of her great food. Taste!

Yesterday during the middle of the day I went down to a neighbor's house to walk her two dogs bc she can't walk. She has been put into a wheel chair now. She has a bone disease. Even though it was hot and I was sweating while I walked each dog, I was so thanking God for the walk, the heat, the dogs, the great outdoors that I can enjoy when I want, just thanking Him for everything. The colors all around, the smells, the sounds, EVERYTHING!! I don't have to depend on someone else to get me where I need to go, but the dogs do and now my neighbor does. I wonder if there are companies that do "doggie rounds?" You know like traveling nurses.

I'm not taking anything for granted today. I am so thankful for all God has given me and even for things He has not given me. Things I don't even know about. Thanks Be To God!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blind Faith But I See Color

I took my camera to work one day and captured the two pics posted. I just loved all the color and the line. I plan on using them, just not sure on what.

I continue to observe people while at work. Yesterday I had many fathers with their children come to play. Its amazing the difference in the children when the father is involved with the child and not just mom. They are more behaved, calmer and definitely secure in their actions and attitudes.

I was reading this little book on "Miracles." I weep at any of these stories, they so touch my heart. One story was of a husband and wife traveling home on Christmas day in bad weather conditions. They happen upon an accident and she being a nurse knows she can help. But the young teenager trapped in the car dies before rescue can get there. When she sees the obituary in the paper they decide to contact the parents to let them know they were there when their son passed away. She was praying with the young man as he died. The mother was so comforted to know the circumstances of her son's death.

As Easter approached, the Saturday before, the nurse's husband was leaving for a prayer breakfast but before leaving home he and his wife prayed together as they did many times. She also left to run errands but while out received a call that her hubby was in the hospital and had suffered a heart attack. Before she could get there he passed away. She was devastated and found it very hard to go back into their home where just hours earlier they had prayed together. As she walked in the door there on her table was a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card attached. Who could possibly know she would need them at this moment. As she opened the card she realized it was from the teenager's parents thanking them again for being with their son.

Who knows what we need more than any other?
The Creator of All Mankind, God the Father; that's who.

Friday, June 20, 2008

People Gazing

I made these little faces while at work yesterday. They allow me to do this type of thing as long as I attend to customers. This is a perk, most definitely!! I love pulling these little faces out of the mold esp. when they change shape. I placed them on the cover of a book with flowers. Anne Geddes work popped into my head. I may use these three on an ATC I am thinking of making for the trade at FAT of "gods and goddesses."

I am a people watcher, have always been fascinated with people watching. Yesterday the most wonderful families came through to play. I esp. enjoyed the fathers with their children and then there were grandfathers with their grandsons. Amazing to watch! There's something different in the character of the children.
One father made me sad, his statement, "I won't let anybody beat me." He appeared to be very, very competitive. All in all the day was great. A steady flow of customers and off to head home - where I crashed. Actually a storm blew through. My doggie is definitely having issues with me being away for long periods of the day. I'm sure he will adjust. Even my son and DIL could not get him to walk.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here is a pink silk fabric painted in grid with Shiva paintstiks. I really love the color and the grid. My favorite stencil was the ceramic tile I purchased for 5 cents. Amazing texture. I plan on doing more grids with more silk fabric.


Well I made it through another day of evening work. What's bad is when I get home at 11:15pm and have to unwind but know I need to hit the hay. But I can't bc I need to just sit in silence for a while. I get up in the morning an turn around to do it again. My doggie is really moping over this. But when I get home he is so-0-0 happy.

I was reading 1 Samuel 16:7 tonight

"The Lord does not look at the things human beings look at.
People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

A little side note here accoring to David M. Garner "89 percent of women want to lose weight. The average woman weighs 140 pounds; the preferred weight is 125 pounds."

Where is your focus? How do you spend your time? Are you satisfied? How are you feeding the unhealthy desires? What is the point of your life? Myth: "If I could lose ten pounds, then I'd be satisfied." NOT!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free To Be Me

This is a pink color wash piece of muslin with a photo transfer of an ole' advertisement for an apron. I also stamped a designer heart in blue, calligraphy the words "Free to be me" on it but "ME" bled. Before I heat set it I forgot and used more water on it. The little purple face will be added permanently to it. Can you guess what the face is wrapped in? This was another sample from Lisa Engelbrecht's class during Art-n-Soul week.


My oldest called me today. He shared the sweetest story and of course I cried. A family in his church has kind of adopted him as he puts it "on this side of the river." They invited him over on Father's Day so he wouldn't be alone. He wasn't able to come home bc he had to sing at church. Here's his story"

"Mom, Kelly's mom and dad are just like you and dad. I told them you guys would have to meet. When Kelly and his family lived in a different home they had children that began to crawl under their fence and play in their backyard. As it continued Kelly's parents realized the children were not being taken care of properly. Long story short they decided rather than let social services take them and separate these 7 brothers and sisters, they would ask to adopt them all to keep them together. They already had 4 children of their own and wondered how God would take care of all of them.

They have been on Oprah and several other shows sharing their story. What I personally love is that this "white" family adopted 7 African American children back in the day when racial tension was high. Well really what has changed - i think the tension is still just as high in some areas of our country. It doesn't matter what color of skin you have a child needs love, nurturing, encouragement and a place to call home.

On tv I saw a clip from a Summit called Their intent is share about adoption. It sounded like a great idea, even if you can't adopt maybe you could relieve foster parents one night to give them a break.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Throwing Away Money

Paintstiks Workshop

Here are a few pics of examples I did using Shiva Paintstiks. I love the idea of using paper with cut/torn edge to look like moutains. My first one was on black fabric blending colors with a toothbrush or stencil brush. I want to try a freezer paper snowflake and a grid with masking tape.

Throwing Away Money
Owners of a house in Windber, PA used to literally throw their money away by discarding coins into a hole in the wall. Now, family members cleaning the house, which has been empty for 20 years, have discovered the coins. A collectibles dealer was helping the family clean out the house when they noticed a hole in an upstairs wall. They knew by the rumors that the hole was where the family threw their money. They removed the first-floor wall to reveal a pile of coins. They believe the coins to be well worth close to $200,000, which one coin was minted as early as 1793.
How's that for a new meaning of "throwing away money."
I continue to find coins on my daily walks. I've just not made mention of them lately.
So I decided to count my lost coins. Total $9.20.
$3.25 in quarters, 3.50 in dimes, .70c in nickels and 1.75 in pennies.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Choices - Weened or Mean


I am working on a fpc for the State Group I am a member of. The theme is Dots. So I am going in a different direction with it. One meaning of DOT is Dept of Transportation. So here is my interpretations of dots. This is a WIP. I thought I would use a map of Virginia, cut it up and apply it to the bottom for a roadway. The cars are stamps. I used white fabric paint to write "dot says stay safe." On the back I'll add a note to explain myself. Right now their slogan is "Click it or Ticket". This is to remind everyone to wear their seat belts.
Choices - Weened or Mean
Now yesterday was Father's Day. Isn't it funny how we want what we don't have and ignore what we do have? My hubby made a comment about our middle son not even coming over to see him. The fact is he left a card at the front door bc we were gone when he came over. He left early to go out on the water all day with a friend in his boat. BUT our youngest went with us to breakfast and spent time with his dad. Our oldest called the night before to make sure his card, which was mailed, was delivered on time. He also called early morning to wish his dad "Happy Father's Day". For my oldest this is a huge selfless act. One my hubby should have really appreciated. BUT the focus was on the one who was always by dad's side, the little boy that always looked back to make sure dad was close by, the little boy that has grown up into a wonderful man and started a family-life of his own. Both he and his wife were off, which is rare, so this was a day for them to be together too.
For me its what they do throughout the year, every day that counts. Not one particular day.
Was this mean or is he weened? A hard fact for my hubby to accept sometimes.
If you looked at the choice words on the cards you would know each heart. Here are some of the words: only a heart as big as yours could keep so many promises...this is a man who puts his family first, a man who lets his children see his love and hear his pride....Dad, you must have prayed a lot over the years... bc i've seen God working in our family in so many positive ways.
The comment my hubby said made me sad for both of them. But yet made me realize I need to be more thankful for all the things I am blessed to have. What are you thankful for? What have you failed to notice in your life that is a blessing?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A True Friend

First of all: Here's to wishing all the dads out there Happy Father's Day.

As hot as it was two days ago, I went outside to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the shade. But my sweet doggie lay right down in the grass with full sun. He didn't last there for very long. His little tongue began to hang out and he started panting. So we went back inside. He will stay with me where ever I go for as long as I am there. I think he's squinting bc the suns in his eyes. lol.

Its still hard to believe I am being encouraged in one of my workshops to hand stitch and I am actually doing it. Here is the first attempt at blanket stitch.
Yesterday was my class at Quilting Adventures. But I hurt the ball of my foot and couldn't barely walk so I didn't get to go. What a bummer!! I have sat around, actually slept for a couple of hours yesterday. It still hurts this morning so don't know if I will get my morning walk in with doggie. It's raining here. Maybe the air will be cleared from the wildfire smoke in the Dismal Swamp. My son said that at Virginia Beach it is so bad you feel like you are in one big bonfire. It brought on a migraine for him. I hope all the people with breathing problems will try to stay inside as much as possible.
The Bible tells of another business woman that loved to sew for the needy, this would be a non-profit business today. Although I believe she profited from it maybe just not monetarily.
She was loved by all that knew her. She was very giving and had such a wonderful heart. When Dorcas died the people were so upset they went to one of Jesus' disciples and explained how loving and giving she had been to many people. She was brought back to life to continue her ministry.
How amazing! After reading that story one day I knew in my heart I desired to be like Dorcas. Unfortunately I have wavered from my path in the last couple of months. Learning new techniques and trading on line have left little time to work on my bigger projects. So I need to rework my time to include working on my quilts too. I tend to be a person with the mentality of all or nothing but when piecing a quilt little chunks of time can be very productive. It's just a matter of changing my mind set and allotting the time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hand Stitching - Can You Believe It

Sherry is hostessing an amulet bag trade on FAT. I can't believe I am actually doing handwork. But here is the proof. It's not finished yet. But as you can see I have used the blanket stitch and french knots. Boy, the french knots are not working for me. Wonder what I am doing wrong. I did get 5 on the little flower.

I wish I could get the true blue color of the embroidery thread.

The Dismal Swamp wildfire is only about 10% contained. The smoke has worked its way all the way to our home area. Oh my does it stink, even in the house its beginning to smell of smoke.
I pray for all the firefighters on the line and the aircraft crew trying to get the fire under control.
I watched on tv all the overflowing rivers in Iowa and all the homes under water. The newscasters were commenting on the grains/wheat and how this will effect our food prices. Between gas prices and food prices I can't imagine how people will make ends meet?
Joseph - the boy with a coat of many colors
That reminds me of Joseph being placed in the number 2 position in Egypt during a time of famine. God had it planned all along. Joseph was able to take care of his father, all his brothers and their families and all the animals they owned. Can you imagine being positioned to take on that kind of power? He was given so much wisdom by God that before the famine came he had stored up food for the nation.
What famine are you up against in your life. What is draining the life out of you and seems if you just gave up would overtake you? I'm learning to trust God at all times. I want to be found trust-worthy by God in all areas of my life.
Joseph had been thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery by his brothers, falsely accused by his employers wife and thrown into prison again. His father had been told by his siblings that an animal killed him. He had interpreted 2 dreams for the Pharoah's butler and cook and after being promised they would tell about his false imprisonment, left in prison and forgotten.
By man he may have been forgotten, but God never forgot Joseph.
God had a plan for Joseph and it was bigger than he could have ever imagined.
Actually he had imagined it, he had seen it in his dreams as a young boy.
What dreams are you holding on to; waiting to be fulfilled?
Don't give up just hang on and prepare yourself!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy Day Cleaning

Velvet Discharged

I am discharging on black fabric and velvet using bleach. I used all kinds of stamps, but here is a cherry stamp on the velvet using the liquid bleach. To stop the discharge you can use anti-chlor or vinegar/water.

I had to post two more pics of my "Out of The Blue" trade. One is the little denim pocket holders for encouragement tags and the other is the side of the box. You can see where I glued the hand-dyed yarn on the side to keep the lid up. I really enjoyed working on this project.


I have been really busy cleaning my room again. It doesn't take long for me to rip through my stuff and actually it looks like a cyclone came through and whipped everything around. I am rearranging the room again too. I'm making room for an elliptical glider for my hubby to work out on that way it will be less impact on his knees and back yet he can get a workout. I hope it will fit where I have made the room.

Confident to Reach For the Stars and The Courage To Influence

I want to share the story of Lydia in the Bible found in Acts 16: 14-15
She owned a business and sold expensive purple cloth made from the shells of mollusks
and she was a worshipper of God.
She was a great example of a Christian businesswoman with great influence.
She was successful, intelligent, perceptive and persuasive.

More and more women are feeling the passion rising up within them to become entrepreneurs.
To all those women I say, "Follow Lydia bc you are already a woman of influence.

Go, go, go God!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out Of The Blue Comes Sunshine

FAT is having a trade called "Out of the Blue" and this is the Altoids box I did for the trade. I missed Leilani's Altoids tin book trade so I had to do one. This little box has 3 faces in/on it. I love the fabric I used for the top. It reminds me of a famous artist's painting. At present can't remember the artist's name. I padded the top before trimming it out in hand-dyed fiber. When I opened the lid up it fell all the way back and I didn't like that. So I glued some of the fiber on the side attached it to the lid, now it stays half-way open. On the inside lid I placed jewels and made another blue face centered in the middle of my flower.

I had a piece of denim I had played with trying to fold, it turned into a 2 pocket holder. My little tags inside say "Be Glad", "Happy" and "Love". Then I made another little happy flower with a yellow sunshine face in the center. I edged around the bottom sides with more hand-dyed yarns. I even covered the bottom with more of the top fabric for a perfect finish. I used a calligraphy marker on the top in blue to write the words "Out of the blue came Sunshine."

So here's the question?
When You're in the midst of The Blue Times
Do You Look For or See the Sunshine/Silver Lining
Come out of those Blue Times?
I hope whoever receives this little treasure box will place it on their desk and when they feel overwhelmed with blue days they will pull out the holder, read the tags,
and Remember. Life Is Good!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Powerful DisCharged Words


I am doing a workshop using bleach to discharge on velvet and black fabric. I used all my bleach and couldn't find the item at Walmart to stop the discharging. But I improvised using Clorox Disinfectant, two cheap rubber stamps and deep burgundy velvet. Here are the results. And it funny that the velvet is so deep it looks like a black/white photo, but it's not!


Have you ever watched online an audio only of voice waves? I find them very interesting and have wanted to come up with an idea to produce them on fabric. The above discharge along with neocolor or fabric markers may be the very thing I have been waiting to try it on. That's not included in the workshop but I did see an example that looked like bones and a single-color discharge that resembled sound waves, at least that's what it looked like to me.
A friend sent me an encouragement GIG from Sharon Jaynes. When I explored her site a little further, she has a book out called "The Power of A Woman's Words". I believe I will order that book. It seems like something I need to read and dig a bit more into. She says,
"Your Words Become the Mirror In Which Others See Themselves."
Now that's pretty powerful, don't you think?
oh and while i'm at it i think i'll discharge some words, that should make for an interesting art piece. Maybe I shall call it "Mouth Piece".

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The very first postcard exchange group I was ever in took a quarter off and now are back with a theme: Dots. Here are two I received so far. The blue one represents morse code with dots and dashes. The second one is bubble wrap over top of fabric. This group comes up with some interesting interpretations. Now I must get to work on mine. I have an idea but can I get it fleshed out onto a card?
We'll see!!


I've been really contemplating my thought life and how it affects me.
Is It True?
Stop and catch your thought. What are you thinking right now?
If it is true that your thoughts shape your life,
would you want what you were just thinking right now to become true for you?
If it's a thought of worry or anger, or hurt or revenge or fear,
how do you think this thought will come back to you?

Monday, June 09, 2008

First Day On Job - What Rules

Here is a canvas in progress. When I was painting my fabrics last week I pulled out this canvas to play. I am really enjoying the colors. I painted the background and added two shapes. I'm not sure where this is leading. The camera makes the background shiny and appear to still be wet.
What RuleS?
Well Sunday evening was my first day on the summer job. It proved to be interesting. Hubby keeps saying if it cuts too much into his time off and being with me, he would rather I quit. To him its not worth the inconvenience. We'll see how it plays out. I know I at least want two days off during each week. The days of straight eight hours a day and forty hours are I guess a thing of the past. Shorter hours mean no lunch and only quick bathroom breaks. I do know one thing: it seems no one wants to be bothered with rules, unless it pertains to the other person.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

AB Workshop


This is an unusual "book" I am making in a workshop. I am enjoying this bc it is different. Krissie was gracious enough to oblige us in doing this AB workshop. Its amazing what AB artists can do with a page. I am using a beautiful old calendar I kept. Nothing wasted here. The yellow is duct tape. What do you think of the bottom? I just loved this dog pic bc it looks like my chocolate lab. There is a book name for this but I won't post it yet. It will be a surprise. I haven't ask Krissie how she came up with this unusual name.

What do you see out my front dining room window? Can you see the bird on the feeder? My hubby loves all the birds that congregate in our yard to feed and bathe. And here is where my doggie sits too, but he never barks at them, even though they are right outside the window. He just watches them and I believe enjoys them as much as we do.

Life Changes
Today I will begin to contribute monetarily to my home. I am working a little summer job to help with a financial situation. My hubby has been stressed out over an agreement between our son and him. But in the agreement it was stated "mom will go back to work if the obligation is not met." So here I go. I wonder how being out til 11pm will feel? Any way life's lessons are never about what you think they will be. God always seems to surprise us with a bigger picture.
I am very apprehensive about this but I must trust God for this one. After being out of the workforce for 23 years it seems odd to be going back in. But I know many people are struggling to make ends meet. Wow! here we go on the adventure of a new phase in my life.
Roller coaster!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Play Around


It's time to play!!

Here is a tyvek experiment from a workshop. I used torn out words and pics from a beautiful magazine. Then I covered them in blue and yellow/green tissue paper. It dried really clear. I didn't think anything would show through the tissue paper as well as it did. I love the tyvek experiment.
Now I will try my heat gun on a piece of tyvek and see the outcome. I love experimenting. The white background piece is actually the plastic protection cover after I painted another piece of muslin. There is great detail and texture in plastic too.
Words in "Passion" - i pass on. I love finding words in words.
When you get a block with your hobby or life in general, what do you do to spur on your passion? What brings you unspeakable joy? Someone ask that yesterday - what do you do to keep your passion? Does passion wane? Is it ok to just keep doing what you do until the passion begins to return? What do you have a passion to do?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Living In A World Of Color

Living In A World of Color

Yesterday I spent the morning having a little fun, ok actually lots of fun. It was really hot here so I took my paints outside and painted on muslin.

Here is one finished piece. It really is much more defined in the colors and brighter. No matter how many pics I took with my camera I could not capture the real look of the piece. I am surprised with what I did bc color is a real struggle for me.

Now here is a favorite color - orange. I mixed red and yellow with a little pink. Using a sponge brush I worked the paint out to the edges. Then I wrote words on the wet fabric with white fabric paints. This piece makes me so joyful. I can't help but smile when I look at the colors.

What color are you seeing in right now? Is it true colors represent and evoke certain feelings?

I love this quote by Louise L. Hay "The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences." One chapter in her book titled "Success" says "Every experience is a Success". I think I will begin to look at experiences more that way than whether or not they are a failure. A failure is just another opportunity to learn. "Everything I touch is a success," is a great affirmation to keep before us.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Button Fairies

Button Fairies

Noel sent me the beautiful winged button fairy. I just didn't know how to make one. So after looking at hers, I attempted one. I found these old buttons from my grandmother's stash. I forgot these were something my mother gave me from her mother. So even the fairy face is a button. The wings are yoyos. I left the wire extended bc i am going to add some beads. This one isn't for trade bc its not really constructed very good. If I keep fiddling with it maybe I can complete a few for the FAT trade.

My oldest son text messaged me this morning to say, "thinkin bout you this morn...want you to know how much i love you, your an amazing mom i love you so much." He's so thoughtful. Made my day no matter what else may come.

With that said I hope you know you are loved even more than that by our Heavenly Father.

post script

my hubby called to say he loved me and to tease me about our going on a cruise in December. He calls me everyday to tell me how much he loves me. I am spoiled!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Brown Baggin' It

Brown Baggin It

In our last lesson for MMSD there is a process using a brown bag, inks and paints to make a journal. Here is my brown bag process. I added a little gold inking along with vera mark ink and colored embossing powder, then used my heat gun. I am getting a little braver in using that thing. Oh I forgot to mention the process is suppose to make it look like leather. I'm not there yet but I may put some purple fabric swatches on to the front of the cover. I have jute and bamboo yarn that I may use too.
Well my world is getting ready to change drastically. I won't have as much time to myself beginning this week. But everything changes and nothing remains the same except Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever. Am I up for the change? - only time will tell. I like this round table conversation on TBN tonight. Its time for breaking the back of low self-esteem in many of us. I would agree with that one. Let me see through the eyes of Jesus what he sees and I will never be the same again.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Are You A "Nice Girl"?

TP Pendant

I 've been playing with faces and pendants. FAT was having a tp jewelry trade but I couldn't finish a piece good enough to show and trade. So i am posting one i finished last night. i need to perfect it but i enjoyed working on it. i added filling inside, added decorative stitching on the front, a little rub-0n butterfly with the words "flit, flit" and my partial face. I love that i can use parts of the face not all of it. who said you have to use the entire mold. the pendant is one piece folded in a way to close with the little loop at the top. i'll keep working to perfect them. i also like the white face, although i did add clear glitter paint with a touch of orange on the lips.


A friend sent me the book "nice girls don't change the world" by lynne hybels. It starts out with "I want to tell you about someone I used to know very well. She was a nice girl; obedient, polite, socially acceptable. A bit to reticent, some might say, but so very pleasing, nonetheless A really nice girl." How many of us know the "nice girl" for lack of really saying anything about that person? How many of us see ourselves as that "nice girl." I love this little story lynne tells of herself and her fears.

Along with each phase of our lives fear can come in and take over if we let it. Many times the uncertainty of life overrides the Truth of God's Word. But His Word says "I have given you a spirit of love, and of power, and of a sound mind." I also like the verse in Joshua, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for I am the Lord your God and I will be with you wherever you go." I can't tell you how many times I have stood on that verse. Lynne Hybels says it took her turning 50 to realize life is short, and if she didn't start living it, she might never have the chance. She would now be willing to live her life and be willing to have failure. She watched her friend run the Chicago Marathon and as a runner passed her by, she noticed the words on her t-shirt: the front read "Done Watching" and on the back it said, "Doing". Isn't that where we all want to be? Doing what we love, our passion deep within us?!!

An interesting statement she made was this "You know what some of us fear more than anything else? Each other. Other women's success stories." So I say today,


Monday, June 02, 2008


I just love this little dove I bought at Garden Ridge on Friday. I could not resist taking her home with me. She has the sweetest eyes and there is something I love about her color.

She is perched in my flower pot full of pens and pencils. I am going to try an sketch her for some of my art work. In this pic she is sitting in her little purple nest of tulle. I should name her. What to name her?

Counting Sheep Not Working
Well as you can see by the hour I am still awake. I will post this quick blog post and then up to art room to work on a project. Not sure why I am not sleepy.
Seems that the "counting sheep" idea is not working. Any other suggestions - anyone have a hammer, maybe you could knock me out. lol I would say see you in the morning, but we're already there. See you later.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What Does God See?

silly me, i just had to post these while they were in progress. i so love the colors, they are refreshing. the last one has not been finished. the little pearl beads are going to work their way around the head and down the ATC following the pink cording. i will work on it later today. i started back on "making pearls" and for some reason this time i am getting so much more out of doing it. i guess my brain has been short-circuiting. anyway, i will begin another new workshop on monday with beryl taylor's book.
can't wait to see where we go with it!! i also have an AB book in my head that i am actually drafting and sketching out. something i never do, but feel i need to do templates and work the kinks out before using paper, fabric and other things. But then again maybe a "failed" attempt would be good bc they never are botches, just another expression to be used at a later date. nothing wasted.

That reminds me of the scripture again. "God uses all things for good to them that love Him."
I keep wondering how that looks. To God it looks totally different than what the world sees bc He sees it filtered through His Son, Jesus. Thank God for that!!