Monday, April 26, 2010

Decluttering 2 Go

this past weekend i worked on my kitchen and i must say i did get rid of stuff in my cupboards.
how refreshing and wonderful the feeling is - letting go of the past so i can enjoy the present and look to the future.
i also worked outside in my garden getting rid of broken pieces of pottery and ole' flower baskets. it's looking great! a great book i purchased was "The Declutter 101 Workbook". very
feng shui, though i didn't know that when i purchased it. love the diagrams and such.

at the same time hubby and i are working on a budget and setting goals to enjoy life together.
this has been an amazing year so far, who knew, i would actually be able to "let go" of stuff i have been holding on to forever it seems like - esp. ideas, attitudes and thought patterns. they are going too!!! Free At Last!!

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Good for you to declutter! I am trying to do some of the same. Reorganizing and decluttering. Somehow I need to work on more cat decluttering. LOL I did find a home for one cat. We also have a second house on our property where hubby grew up. We have two cats over there separating half of the house! These are two of the cats that don't get along well with the others. I have two others that need homes or I need more cat apartments! You don't need a nice cat to go with that nice doggie, do you? LOL