Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunny and Fully Alive

haven't posted in a while.
the day is turning out beautiful, the birds are singing
and my flowers are rising to the occasion of the rain and sun.
what's weird is that son broke hand on a friday 2 weeks ago
my MIL fell day before Mother's Day and broke elbow.
she's had surgery and doing great
we can't leave her alone - she's so independent
and does not listen to the doctors.


ARTifact & whimsy said...

Oh my heart and prayers go out to you!!! You left a comment a few years ago when my mom had a stroke and i was re reading my blog to see all the things i've gone through both good and bad and am still touched by your comment! My mom had a bad fall 2 weeks ago and broke her hip and is in the nursing home learning to walk again. I will never be able to leave her totally alone again. she also is very independant and has had open heart surgery 2 decembers ago and small strokes in between. she's tough! I LOVE the bird you have on the top of your blog!! did you make it? if so do you have a pattern or do you sell them?? I SOO love birds and yours looks so real! I am going to go read more of your blog as it is really awesome!!!
many blessings to yoiu and your family,Dawn Marie

kiwicarole said...

Hope your MIL recovers ok. They can be a bit of a worry at times! :)