Saturday, June 19, 2010

Decluttering Still

Marina's ATC
well think i will clean out this site. i'm deleting my favs so no one can get access. maybe in a month or two i will add them back. seems someone has access to my email addy.
why do hackers seem to enjoy destroying other's property.
i have decluttered my fabrics and books/magazines. a friend that does mucho charity work took it all. it feels great. i'm getting there. also packed up 6 boxes of books and sent them to new homes in US for ladies to enjoy reading. how great is that! i still need to organize and declutter more of my studio area then i will be on to the attic and outdoor areas.
so freeing!!


Shannon said...

hi! i'm really happy that you are decluttering and seeing great results from it. i was on a roll and feel like i slowed down a bit..but i'm working on "digital clutter" so it doesn't seem as obvious around me. this week i'm hoping to clear out the 1300 photos i have on my phone!

good for you...keep up the great work and do keep in touch. i want to hear how it continues to go for you.



I guess I need to learn to declutter too! I even have 8,000 messages in my email to clean up. lol

Lori said...

What a great ATC! truthful too!