Thursday, October 13, 2011


i cleaned up all of the mess you see underneath my large wall painting.  turned around my desk and organized everything.  now on to the next section of the room for cleanout. 

have you ever thought about the many faces you wear? so many feelings, thoughts, attitudes, emotions deeply hidden inside.  This past week we lost a sweet, vibrant, full-of-life young girl that my youngest attended school with.  She was longboarding an hit her head on a rock. Massive brain damage.  i am feeling this loss and my son who is very quiet, has grown even quieter. His dad and i prayed with him when he first shared it with us. i can't believe she's gone.
on the flip side he shared a beautiful story about a friend at college.  He took her to Wave on Wed night - a celebration of life through Jesus Christ and she accepted Christ as her Savior and Lord.  How awesome! that Friday her parents called her to say her dad who had only a few months according to doctors to live had been totally healed from cancer.  Now he is planning on coming here to visit her from Oregon. 
i don't pretend to understand the Sovereign God but i do know after years and years of searching that for me He is The Only Way to find - peace, joy, love, confidence, empowerment in this crazy world.

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