Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Constantly Changing

                          Look Up - Tropical Wishes

i love that i played with color - imagine purple water and a green sky with creature clouds? Use your imagination and create something wonderful. my creature clouds are a lion and lamb. when blogging about this on DEEP i realized those are two of the names Jesus is referred to in the Bible. how God to place those in my painting. i've been thinking of heaven more and more - eternity.
before vacation i was browsing the book store for a book to carry on the cruise. in the clearance section was a book tucked underneath other books - funny it wasn't on sale.  BUT i believe someone wanted me to find this particular book and read it - Heaven Is So Real.  for some reason it was not a book i could breeze through - i had to chew on it, meditate in the visions and let it vegetate in my soul - deep within my very Being - Deep. and then the Creator spoke to me about taking clouds pics while on vaca. just beautiful!!

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