Tuesday, January 03, 2012

letting go

my hubby is having a very hard time of letting go of the last child. his graduation was long earned, his move to the beach not far away, hubby will miss his sweet, mischievous smile and his quiet demeanor, so will i.  BUT i know my son needs to lift those wings and soar into his own life.  establish family traditions that will lead him into his future life. he's a great son!
today they travel to the beach to get his benefit pkg and decide on one; he picks up his uniforms for the academy and tries to settle his temporary living arrangements until his permanent home is ready.
i am excited for him, i am excited to see what God does to expand my hubby, i am excited to see and feel and express my love for him through so many different ways.
there will be challenges, blessings, trials, decisions - but - that is life. he comes out of the shadows of two older brothers and the safe wings of his parents to test his wings on his own. i am proud of him.

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