Saturday, April 07, 2012

Someone Was Praying

here on Good Friday they are calling it a miracle that a Navy Pilot had to eject from his jet and ditch his plane in a populated area of Va Beach bc as of last night there were no fatalities.


someone was praying
my son  is in training at the beach and his group was sent to help secure the area. this group of young men and women are some of the finest being trained by VBPD.
someone was praying for all the first responders and the citizens who have lost their homes.

our prayers are not always answered the way we think they should be answered
they are answered.
i am thankful my son was safe.
someone was praying.

and i awoke to see that Thomas Kinkade passed away. Such a beautiful painter of light. i am saddened. he will be missed by people all around the world.

the little prayer flag above was created for a FAT trade. i thought of each of us as gardens, different paths, sometimes needing weeding, sometimes needing watering, sometimes needing to be fed then watching all the beauty in us and around us blossom into full bloom where we lift our voices and begin to SING, Sing, Sing.
You are a delight unto the Lord. You are special.

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