Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Born To: live life

this sweet son celebrated his bday working overtime at the FD bc of the snow storm that rolled through. and i well i was in bed very sick with my BC rearing its ugly head again.  i am still in bed for the most part with no energy, inflammation - a major skin rash - my tumor going crazy. BUT here is the thing until the Lord says it is my last day i will keep on keeping on.  its painful, i have to learn to work thru the pain, its exhausting and i must learn to measure my strength and use it wisely. 

BUT most of all i just need to cherish life and enjoy every moment no matter what.  i wanted to ask my hubby tonight how the part of "in sickness" was going for him.  i feel bad that he has so much on his plate along with taking care of me.  

BUT back to son #2 - its so funny bc he has a new Shepard puppy named Kilo.  he hopes to train her as a cadaver detection dog. i don't think i could search for dead bodies but he has the fortitude to do that and he loves living life to its fullest.  lots of hours will be invested in this process and grandmawg will be so proud of her. 

i treasure the time i have with all me family.

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