Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DLP Challenge Cardboard

 i love the graphics on boxes and was very attracted to the gingerale box I pulled from the trash.  I handcut around the different graphics then placed them on my page along with the crown. As my page evolved children's board games popped up and that is what I worked with. also on the small inserted page I used another graphic from the gingerale box "let's play" in the corner.
on the front and left inside I free-motion created the words "checkers" and "crown me" with thread. they are on fabric/paper I created several years ago. it has a fun crinkly texture to it. unfortunately my printer ran out of ink so I will have to reprint my pic. it is of a huge chess game setup on the grounds at Sandals Resort, Exuma Bahamas.
this page may not be finished but I did love the challenge.

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