Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ME time

last week was my b-day and my hubby brought me the most beautiful, vibrant flowers. i so loved the colors of some of them.  the yellows popped and there was a purple that captured my heart.

Mary had a tutorial on how she creates her journals on her blog.  here is my first attempt at a similar page. i really enjoyed Capture the Day. i  am not close to finishing this page.

and here is my Cry Out To God page, this was so much fun. challenge from DLP using receipts. after i put them on the left side i covered them all over with clear Scotch shipping tape  with butterflies, dragonflies and insects.  love this!! of course this week is not finished yet and is yet to be determined.

the book i decided on for creating my journal was Mary Engelbrecht's ME book.  of course for years now the initials ME mean Jesus in the Word of God.  feel its ME time for now in my life.

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Mary Brack said...

Great book! And your pages are lovely! The initials on your cover can stand for a variety of things. :)