Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DLP Challenge 33

to add a Chinese fortune cookie fortune somewhere. i loved adding the painted 4x4 with brads. used a decorative hole punch on the edges. just enjoyed playing.

its been five years since my diagnosis. God has been so good to me in my healing. sometimes its been challenging (hugging the toilet not so fun) but i did keep right on praying and giving God praise between vomitting.  tough not being able to wear any clothing on my breast/chest area for a while. bleeding, itching, and draining not too fun either.  BUT in the last few weeks i have been able to put clothes on, get outside, walk in evenings with hubby and enjoy life to its fullest.  THANK YOU GOD!

plus today i worked all day in my yard planting flowers, de-weeding flower beds on hands and knees, trimming borders and laying mulch.  it was great feeling the hot sun on my body. i am tired and now off to bed.

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