Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year Classes/Projects

signed up for a few fun year-long classes - HKC-Take Me Deeper
Week 1 - Transformation - Willingly
our bodies living sacrifice
fabric page with muslin painted using Caran d'arche crayons, stamps, word stamps, swatches of fabrics for houses and heart, ribbon
DLP wk1 - Blank Page - book text
my book text is envy received in mail + cutup map of area and "live" phrases

my hubby has decided its time to continue with his flight training. i am so happy for him. he is like a different person with a set goal.  my goal for this year if there is one - to live - live life unabandoned one day at a time. Art 2 the 5th.

                              Life Book 2015 with Tam LaPorte
my One Word for this Year - "Trained" Gen 14:14
Robin-Marie Smith shared her tag tutorial using your one word for the second week.

and        HKC - TMD 2nd week is Transformation - Vulnerable
 i love whimsical. so my  heart features the letter "C" for 'cat' and 'choose'
and  to me our pets are such vulnerable creatures.  they trust us, rely on us to take care of them.  they say cats have nine lives but i just want to live my one life open and vulnerable to what God has for me. my heart has been closed off to the Lord in some areas. So my prayer for this week - i am willing Lord for you to soften my heart and humble me.


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Michelle Winter said...

I love what you are doing here! May you have a deeper, creative year!