Friday, March 20, 2015

Follow Me Creative

i made 3 art journals, 2 following JennieBellie's Poster Journal class. since making them i am finding it easier to use my scraps of everything (fabric, paper, text, tags, cardboard) you name it i am using it. this is so much fun, finally using all my skills from quilting, art quilting, mixed-media, journaling, drawing, painting both on fabric and papers. free, free at last to be creative.

here are a few of my pages - all fold outs of some kind. none of them are finished only WIP pages but i love that they don't have to be done in one sitting.
my 4x6 timber card along with my African brown paper bag body girl.
fold out sea scenery with toilet paper fish mold + text word "seashore"
partial page with strip word text fabric "create" + magazine word "BE" + my moon picture printed on mulberry paper.  this is not a good pic of that - but its amazing.
and my fabric journal page for HKC-TMD March Journey to the Cross.  painted fabric background, spray paint, fishing lead with bead and sequin, stamp fish + sharpie marker, magazine text, frilly ribbon, cheesecloth dyed, free motion "follow ME"

Follow ME and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

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