Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Read for Yourself

i really find it disturbing how Big Pharma, CDC and our government are in bed together all for the sake of "the citizens" best interest. what a laugh!! we are like sheep being led to slaughter. why do we believe everything they say? can't we research things for ourselves? i guess in the long run people want "quick fixes" even if it means it kills them.
my frustration level with the medical world seems to be growing. Big Pharma gives large sums of money to doctor's hospitals for them to train students not to question their train of thought, just do as taught. But when one does begin to question they are black-balled or even worse made to look like charlatans.
wouldn't you really like to hear the truth just once. i've learned so much since receiving my diagnosis.
well the biggest thing - take time to research info for yourself. then make your decisions based on fact not scare tactics.

here's an interesting read. i was very concerned about my son taking this stuff and i'm so glad he was not able to get it.


i sound radical but really i'm not; just trying to educate myself on all the info out there.

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