Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Robin's Wonder

my doggie now

yesterday was a wonderful get-up and out of bed day. i arose from bed listening to this wonderful music - the birds were chirping and singing their happy songs. even my dog enjoyed listening - he was so cute to watch as each new sound arose in the air from outside my window.

i stepped out on my deck to watch and listen - a large group of robins were in the yard. one particular little robin was on my split rail fence bopping along and as he came to a leaf he would stop, pick it up with his beak and drop it to the ground full of leaves. he did that all way down the rail fence and then turned around and came back to where he started. wonder what that was all about!! i used my word for 2010 - wonder. the earth is full of God's wonders.


Julie said...

What a wonderful start to your day Dove.

Jacq said...

It looks like you have a wonderful dog.