Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

from our home to yours.
Tis the day of Christmas and i am only one stirring
my holey socks are thrown down on the floor under other clothing in fear
that someone might find them and fill them with beer.
dreaming of sugar plums, but realize someone switched them for prunes.
daddy in his ole t-shirt and i in my ratty robe
crawled out of bed with aches and pains to turn on the stove.
when we heard such a clatter looked to see what's the matter
Santa had landed on a lost needle flouncing around like Mad Hatter.
no goodies for us this day, he said as he jumped on his sleigh
and then he flew up up up and away coming back on another wintry day.
feeling in a jovial Christmasy mood. pray all your coming new days will be filled with
awe and wonder.

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