Monday, December 27, 2010


world domination
yesterday hubby stopped by Walmart to purchase the monopoly game
since we were going to be snowed in.
did i mention i hate playing games!
around 6:30pm the games began - son, fiancee, hubby and i.
did i mention she's good at her family's madeup rules.
did i mention i hate playing games!
right away we could see she was out to win and win big.
strategy was her strength and boy did she lineup with hubby.
me - i'm slow at figuring out things plus i was the banker.
end result - hurt feelings - mine of course.
i don't do well when hubby lines up against me even in a game.
isn't he suppose to defend me, protect me! lol even in a game.
End Result - hubby went bankrupt first, then son's fiancee
and well of course that left son and me.
He played pure - meaning by the rules and won
Hands Down!
i don't like that little top hat(e) dude!
no more playing the game - i'll stick to watching!

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