Monday, April 04, 2011

Abstractercise 3 - Turmoil

 this morning i decided to restrict my painting to a color palette of green. i also placed a hoop on a section to divide the painting up. my journal would not stay on in vertical so i duct taped the covers to my elliptical - perfect. i began my workout as usual, but focusing on looking out the window at my maple beginning to bloom and just painted the canvas.

i named this "Turmoil", in the dark section are three light little brush strokes, i feel they represent my sons and in the upper right corner are two more distinct strokes representing my hubby and me. we are in the lead as our sons follow all the while they are in the rushing of the wind of life. things swirl around them, some pass on and some following behind but they are in the midst of it. the circle of white represents the life cycle with little "sperms" wanting to break free from inside.
that's my interpretation of this painting after it was finished.
and here is my palette filled with choice greens and the hoop i used.  how sad i have discovered in waiting too long to work with my paints so many have dried out.  life waits for no one but continues to move on.

While on my elliptical i purposely slowed down the last 6 minutes (35min35sec) to concentrate on every stride i was taking. i squatted like on a bike to feel a stronger stretching in my thighs and placed my palms on my handles to feel a resist and stretching in my calves.  Twisting at my waist and moving my arms in a slow controlled movement i could feel my shoulder muscles working.  Even when i was taking my shower this morning i purposed to live in that moment, exhilartion of the water flowing down my hair onto my shoulders and down to my toes.  i felt fully alive in what i had accomplished for this day.
Connie has unleashed a new part of my living and experiencing life through my art.

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