Saturday, April 02, 2011


 proof i am working out and painting as i go. i didn't even stop to take this pic, pretty good w/o movement in the pic. i just jumped on in my street clothes, boots and all.  boy was i sweating when i finished the pic.
Connie now has a new word for her Abstract Adventure class - its "Abstractercise".  she suggested we get moving while we are creating our art by standing and using long paint brushes.  she mentioned using an easel and since i don't have an easel i thought "Hey what about my elliptical exerciser - i could exercise and paint at the same time."
this has proven to be a win-win situation for me.  the lip where you choose your program was just perfect for my large journal.  the two holes on both sides hold my water paint bottle and large brushes, i can even attach my squirt water bottle to it.  everything at my finger tips.

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