Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Husband's Peaceful Prayer

in the midst of traveling home to visit my mom - ER, hospital stay and now nursing home for rehab - what seems to be turmoil - I find great peace and comfort in my husband's prayer atop Glen Maury looking out over all the surrounding mountains of home. where do you find your peace?  Week 3 of Prayers for Woman's Soul focus is on "PEACE".

I accidentally snapped pics while vid'ing but loved the sound of the clicking
I loved the sound of the crows in the background while hearing my hubby's voice.
I loved the solitude and beauty of the majestic Buena Vista view
I loved all the clouds and the highlights from the sun catching shadows on the mountain tops. 
I loved the fresh, crisp air and the clean, refreshing feeling of a brisk breeze.
I loved sharing this and all moments with my soul mate.
I loved God then and I love Him even more now for creating in me a right heart.

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