Saturday, October 18, 2014

Las Vegas Trip

after a long day traveling to las vegas, btw what were we thinking, I watched a beautiful sunset from my hotel room on the strip. we were across from treasure island.
so cool, a distance shot from my Palazzo room view on the strip. this hotel is very far away. so many lights.
we wanted to see some of the US and thought the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam would be a great start over a cruise to Caribbean.  what were we thinking! Grand Canyon was breath-taking but the bus ride which began little after 6am and ended at 10:30 at night was excruciating for me.  smokers about did me in. i was sick in bed for two days. what i didn't get a pic of was the sunset we were following. we watched it set and then set  again bc we were headed west toward pacific coast.  amazing!
my favorite hotel lobby was the Bellagio, where i would stay if i ever went back to vegas.  this pony was all adorned in flowers. the conservatory was made up a fall forest complete with talking tree, 3/4feet squirrels, acorns, pine cones, horses, a water mill and two large bears.  so refreshing - the smell of all those flowers was wonderful.
along with this 386lb pumpkin and her little counter parts of gourds and other pumpkins.

Never were we so glad to get home on Thursday. probably our last visit toward the western US.

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Nancy said...

Enjoyed seeing your blog. Found you on Journal Soup 2. Your work and posts make great reading and viewing!