Sunday, December 07, 2014

Resting Beneath the Shadow

i love taking shadow pics. here i am in sandals Bahamas. don't you just love that navel. lol

 winter has arrived here but not too cold yet. the leaves have all pretty much fallen off the trees.  hubby blowing the last few from the yard.  he wishes we were in Caribbean - an that will be soon enough with another february cruise.

i pray that i will be able to go. the pain when wearing clothes has become more intense. so this past week i have been resting in bed and i do mean RESTING.  i have nothing to give anybody else. my body is trying to repair itself.
     PAIN + TENSION = exhaustion even when resting.
another friend's hubby passed on Thanksgiving day - his birthday.  he had a diagnosis 2 wks ago of pancreatic cancer and another friend's father just diagnosed with bladder cancer, surgery scheduled 23 Dec. finally he feels a relief to know why he has been in so much pain.

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