Friday, February 28, 2014

Secrets Kept

Secrets to B kept
recycled Lowe's key bag  +  Liquitex acrylic inks  +   homemade washi tape full of circles   +   packing tape gelli plate colors and sharpie marker. now i have a little bag to put papers in for later use

Thursday, February 27, 2014


i chose to play last night after a long day of running errands - so much fun. my homemade washi tape, and a few new stamps i purchased for $2.00
the other page spread - a bubble wrap heart, homemade washi tape made with spray ink and stamps, arrow and numbers background. fun home stamp background.  letting go of expectation and enjoying the journey.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collage Something Recycled

The Documented Life Wk 9 Challenge - Collage Something Recycled

i started off by cutting down the see-thru box top from a Fresh Market bakery box. punched holes in the acetate part and weaved fancy yarn through on the left side. applied handmade washi tape from masking tape down around the edges. the flower strip is a piece of recycled envelope received in the mail then covered it with packing tape and added the words 'recommended mix' from a planter nut bag. next i added a little white sample cup after painting it to the center- decorated it with cutout circles of deli paper i painted using my homemade gelli plate. on top of that added applique purple tulips. tucked underneath it the word 'planter'. applied a punched out blue bird in the corner. beneath the see-thru acetate i boxed-in the words -
love and joy,
and kindness.
he gave me
years of

A Husband's Peaceful Prayer

in the midst of traveling home to visit my mom - ER, hospital stay and now nursing home for rehab - what seems to be turmoil - I find great peace and comfort in my husband's prayer atop Glen Maury looking out over all the surrounding mountains of home. where do you find your peace?  Week 3 of Prayers for Woman's Soul focus is on "PEACE".

I accidentally snapped pics while vid'ing but loved the sound of the clicking
I loved the sound of the crows in the background while hearing my hubby's voice.
I loved the solitude and beauty of the majestic Buena Vista view
I loved all the clouds and the highlights from the sun catching shadows on the mountain tops. 
I loved the fresh, crisp air and the clean, refreshing feeling of a brisk breeze.
I loved sharing this and all moments with my soul mate.
I loved God then and I love Him even more now for creating in me a right heart.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Journal 52 Love Letter

here is my journal page for writing a love letter.  I so am amazed at all of God's creation esp. the beautiful flowers. technique tape transfer using homemade gelli plate.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Glacier Water

 abstract started out here and could not leave it along so kept playing with color.
finally stopped here. trying to create foreground, lake and mountains in background. all I could think of was an ice cold lake - Lake Tahoe was icy cold when I learned to water ski there.
must keep on practicing  - journal 52-wk 5 abstract inspiration

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thinking of You

there are so many great artists out there in blogland that are afraid to show their work.  i was thinking of how far i come and how i love techniques and playing but being afraid of something looking "bad" whatever that is.  i've learned from others to keep pushing through when you begin to say 'i don't like that' and keep adding on layers then when it feels like you are finished 'call it done'. i just want to play, that's it.

my February calendar - i just love whimsy - my fish soup bowl and yellow piggy bank are looking over the calendar with their little red fishy pepper shaker, sadly salt was broken. underneath is a quilt i made and use for my table cover. so cheery.
i am so inspired by kate crane

Monday, February 03, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration Kate Crane

Documenting Life Wk 6 challenge:) who inspires you from Pinterest -

I absolutely love anything kate crane. here is one of her tags from her Pinterest post.  check out her work and classes or dvds.  I have 4 of  her dvds and watch them while exercising.
The Kathryn Wheel
here is my page for Week 6 documenting life this week

I used film for her body along with a washer and soup can tab. colored the tab using Adirondack inks. 

Terry Kahr's 21 Secret class was all about secret flaps and hidden tags, messages. so my 'welcome to the house of fun' flap has a hidden sewn message and a wonderful ATC I received from a trade partner.

 the little message on the ATC opens to read
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. live the life you imagined.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tin Decor Whimsy

wip on my tin cans from CJS Stephanie's technique. trying different types of inks. the "write" can has my painted/stamped background with a handmade stamp and washi tape.
filled with my fun writing pens - my fetish is not clothing, shoes or jewelry but cute, whimsical writing pens.
Nathalie  said farewell to all the creative jumpers yesterday but the class will still be open through November. check out her website.


snow fields

freezing temp
winter-dressed tree
look up
in the sky
God painting
just before leaving out the door to head to pops felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit saying take my camera with me. so glad I obeyed that nudging.