Saturday, May 02, 2009


Today my son's sweet GF turned 21. Tomorrow my oldest son turns 27. I can't believe i said that - the magic age for my hubby's men to get married. Tradition - ha! My MIL turns, well, i better not say other than she has a birthday on Monday.

I won't get to see my oldest tomorrow bc i work and he heads back home for church and music.

I also can't believe after two years w/o dating he has asked a young lady out. So much is happening.

I am extremely tired and so is hubby. I will be taking a wonderful break over Mother's Day weekend and visiting with two blogger friends at Inspired. Yeah, baby. I seriously need this.

I probably won't pack until Wed. when i get a day off. I hope i have everything i will need. Truthfully i agree with Sherry the classes are second to meeting my friends.

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Jacq said...

Happy Birthday to both of your sons. My grandaughter Molly turns three tomorrow and the next day we celebrate our 42nd anniversary. Your Mother's day plans sound absolutely wonderful.