Monday, May 04, 2009


Birthing Rose

Yesterday i had to work, so i figured my birthday son would have to head back to the beach after he led worship here for their church and i would not get to see him. Boy was i surprised when i see him walking over to my golf area caring a red rose. My note read: "to the most beautiful woman ever, my mom. i love you".

and then he said to me "thank you for birthing me and loving me, giving me encouragement."

I told him it was his birthday and he was suppose to be getting the gifts not giving them. Not only did he stay up here for the evening but the young lady he is seeing came up to meet us and spend the evening with him for his birthday. A very leveled-headed young lady i might add.

even as i write this tears are streaming down my cheeks thinking of yesterday and my son who kept coming back to hug me and give me another kiss.


Sherry said...

A true treasure, my dear. I envy you.

debmck said...

Oh Dove, you heart-warming post really has made my day and made my heart sing. What a wonderful boy you have raised! He truly blessed you--and on his birthday too. I have tears in my eyes.
hugs, deb

Sue said...