Thursday, May 07, 2009

INSPIRED CHARMS go Belly Dancing

goes belly dancing

i made my friends a recycled jeans apron from my hubby's used jeans. i wanted to add something from my Caribbean cruises so i had enough coins to have holes drilled for each of us and added charms plus i picked a few more and added them. i'll show you theirs when i return from Inspired. I love the coins chain swag i attached them too. I didn't have to buy anything - everything was in my stash. How cool is that!!
this will post when i am on my way to NC so my friends Sherry and Fannie don't see it.


Melb. said...

It's really cool!

needlewings said...

What a fun funky apron! Not every woman would allow another woman into her husband's pants. LOL

Reflections of life and art said...

Dove, that's a great apron, you did a fantastic job on it. Wish you, Sherry and Fannie a wonderful blessed time.
I look forward to the pictures when you return or maybe a sneek peak before hand!!


needlewings said...

Ah, you must be busy or off on an adventure since my post hasn't come though yet. Check out my blog sometime, I have some pear pie for you!

Fannie said...

Thank you, Dove. You made our meeting extra special.

Tejae Floyde said...

These aprons were soooo COOL!! I just loved seeing them. It was great meeting you!!

Take care!! And I hope to see some new polymer clay projects here soon.