Sunday, June 28, 2009

BeFitting Room for Lady Di

is finally finished - front and back and has been mailed out on Saturday.
can't wait to see what she thinks of this one.
so much technique in this one too!

fabric paper with muslin and tissue paper, Queen of Diamonds playing card,
hand-made paper doll queen, sewing pattern curtain, lace valance, dress form made with cardstock, checkec black/white ribbon and a found disk.
i placed as the background sheet music "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" from the '60's to honor her calendar year of 61 when her granny Lucy passed away.
i made little tags from folders and placed them in her form skirt with brads. and encouraging "BE-fitting" words for di in the queens hands. i love the little "cobbler-style" sign hanging over her room made of found wire, beads and cardstock. i used Martha Stewart decorative glitter over the sheet music for glitz. the little crown is made with small seed beads and sequins.
i just love this page and the paper doll. it was fun playing and being stretched.


Pam said...

Looks like such a fun piece of art. Love the paper doll and the unique skirt.

Jacq said...

YOur creation is wonderful . I love all the detail you put in your picture.