Thursday, June 04, 2009

Serendipity from the Bag Lady

I came back from Inspired with scheduled doc appts made by my wonderful hubby. I now have a concierge, personalized doc. It seems weird to have your doctor call you and check up on you and personally go over info with me. My ER visit revealed a spot on my left lung but no one ever mentioned it. When my doc called to review the results that was a little unsettling but he said it had not grown and was benign. Interesting. While at Inspired i used two different blow dryers and singed my hair - it fell out in clumps. Freaky!!

Without saying anything to my natureopathic when she tested me she mentioned a thyroid issue and stress. So gave me herbs for both. She doesn't use all the tests and data the formal doctors do but my doctor comments were on the mark with hers after the blood work tests. I found that so interesting. Started Vitamin D3. God is so good, He knows what we have need of.
Another serendipity moment today. I was finishing another deadline - IW altered book pages. The last page i worked on was my inspiring bag lady from Home Alone 2-New York. I mentioned never going by first impressions or you might miss your best friend. I used my plastic bag dove i made and a vellum bag of flower petals on the page. Later this evening guess what came on tv - Home Alone 2 - New York. I laughed with God all evening while watching that show.

I love when Mr Duncan gives Kevin the two turtle doves and tells him they represent friendship and love. He gives one to the bag lady and tells her he will never forget her. She is awesome.

Kevin's wisdom about her broken heart and continuing to love again was inspiring. I looked at the movie differently than the first time i saw it.


Mar said...

these clutches are just lovely

i am a regular reader of your blog
but i guess i have been absent awhile
i didn't know you were ill!

i hope all is well now or you are on the mend..!

your spirit sounds good..and that is a good sign

Lady North said...

I love love those clutches too! Thank you so much dove for leaving your winged message on my post..Blessings from Serendip's butterflies!

Lady North said...

PS..Re: D3..a dear friend told me her DR recommended 50 thousand units a week! that's how 'under-sunned' we are! (In order for us to get the min of 2000, we have to be out in full sun for 40 EACH day!) hard to do when you work inside.
Each tab is 1000 units and so I take 7 a day and 8 on Sunday to get me to that magic number. It's not called the sunshine vitamin for nothing! Helped me with the roller coaster stress big time.
Ask your naturapath about correct dosages for you - apparently there is a blood test?
Big Hugs full of Sunshine!

Jacq said...

I am so sorry to hear about your medical problems, I pray that things will be getting better.

Pam said...

The clutches are wonderful. So different and so creative.

morningDove said...

i don't consider myself ill just out of sync. lol thank you Mar for the encouragment and your compliment.

Lady North hope hubby is doing well. think of you often. We don't realize how being "in"stitutionalized we are cause problems. Some never see the light of day. imagine.

Jacq what do the docs know? always interesting what life brings. enjoy it every day.

Pam they are different aren't they. i will post soon all the clutches i was given from the trade.