Sunday, October 11, 2009

Round Trip

Wow yesterday was a busy day. We drove 3 hours to visit 2 hours with my mom and family, and friends to celebrate mom's 80th birthday, flipped around and drove home 3 more hours; only to run out the door to the healing service. It was a busy day, glad i was not driving, hubby was tired. But he will be off next week so he will have time to recover.

It was great seeing cousins, aunties and friends i have not seen for years. At one point my diagnosis came up. My nephew brought it up and we talked in depth about it all.

The service was wonderful, watching my hubby go forward for prayer and healing was wonderful. The worship time was so sweet; you feel like you are in the heavenlies. I hate to see the "crazy kiwi" leave after Sunday and so does my hubby. My hubby has been like a moth drawn to light.

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