Friday, October 02, 2009


i can't for the life of me figure out why parents are allowing the vaccinations of their young girls supposedly against cervical cancer?!?!?! i'm scratching my head. we are a bunch of idiots - being led to a slaughter by the pharmaceutical companies. they get richer and our families die at the hands of their trial serums.

When are are going to wake up!!!! read more about a young 14 yr old who died from the first vaccination she was given but it was her fault.

why won't we read and learn for ourselves instead of being lazy and wanting everybody else to do it for us????!!!


Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing Dove. I also found it amazing when the mother stated, "the school was almost insistent". Since when does the school decide we need such vacinations? I detest politics.

Reflections of life and art said...

This never should have been allowed and any parent who has their young daughter vaccinated should have their head examined....but I'm sure they see nothing wrong and they probably would be the first in line to get their daughters an abortion as well!
Thanks for posting Dove...hugz!

jan said...

Hi Dove, I totally agree with you. They are children for goodness sakes. Let them have their childhood then when they are older they can decide such important things for themselves surely. Although I feel we are being pumped with too many chemicals and stuff from the so called know-alls who think they can save the world. Not in my life time will they. Only make themselves richer for the eejits who follow like lambs to the slaughter. Go Dove tell it like it is. Good for you. lol Jan in UK