Saturday, October 24, 2009

Away, Away w/ Me

i went away for a few days - alone. it was really great to enjoy a class with creative ladies and Donna Downey and her hubby, Bill. she is such an amazing teacher. Now i have inspiration to finish a few pages that seemed to allude my creative side.

now that i am home hubby will finish changing over our internet and computer. with that said i hope i can figure out the changes. i get comfortable with same-o-same-ole.
i love stain glass in old churches. when i attended my mom's 80 birthday, my brother and i went into the old church on the Monacan grounds. My brother loves to share Jesus Christ with everyone. i can see him being a preacher one day. He is so humble and full of Christ it overflows



Great photo! It's really inspiring faithfully and artistically!

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