Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday chaos

my puppy
this is my sweet little puppy from days gone by.
he's now 7 this year.
but just as loving and adorable.
well at midnight on Thanksgiving Black Friday began. this year was not as bad bc they had a police officer at the entrance of our subdivision. if you didn't live in here you could not come in. it actually worked and they had another police officer stationed at the roadway to our area. he stopped the others from coming in an parking, tearing up our yards and trashing the area.
what are county planning commissions thinking when they allow businesses to overflow into residential? its not a good thing, unless you live in an area developed like NewTown where businesses are on the ground levels and apts are on the top part of townhomes. But then when a person buys there they know exactly what they are getting. That's a lifestyle the person really wants - to be in the middle of the bar scene and restaurants and shopping area.
my hubby and 5 other homeowners were at the entrance to our street from 11pm until 2am. people feel they have every right to park in front of our homes, cut through our yards just to get to the outlet mall down the street. it amazes me - people's rationales - of course, it's all about them.
on that note i am thankful for:
hubby getting involved in govt, sticking with it to the end, the rain-hailstorm last night, my warm home, the pleasure of family, memories, laughter, new memories, great food, hands to prepare it, health, love, devotion, kindness, gratitude, God love's us no matter what, my toasty bed, an umbrella and raincoat, clothes that still fit for the cruise.
i'm just plain grateful.

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