Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Shroud - Ring Not Yet Worn

my poem i wrote to accompany this video for natasha's class. its about my dad's wedding ring. when i was three he was killed in a car accident - went off a bridge and ended up submerged in the water.
my mother gave birth to my brother the day after my dads's death on my oldest brother's birthday 5 years apart.

when i planned to marry i asked my fiancee if he would mind my sizing down my father's ring for my wedding band and that ring is still worn by me today 31 years in marriage. here is the poem:

Ring Not Yet Worn by Me

the ring not yet worn
now sunken below the water
shrouded in death had come to rest

when they pulled him out
no breath, no pulse, no life
what would become of his wife

giving birth to a son in grief
a name sake now to bear
at her heart strings he did tear

this little one a sudden reminder
alone at last no one could find her
why this puzzled look - a longing

he being buried in the ground cold
she picking up knowing to be bold
the children so young to feel the loss

until the ring not yet worn
placed on her hand brought new life
for on this day she became his wife.
                                                           Dec 20, 1980

natasha you have stretched me and stretched me, i love you for that! its kind of a play on words - with ring not worn (my dad did not have it long enough to become worn and it lay in my mother's jewelry box for a little daughter to gaze upon when she was allowed to go through her mother's jewelry until twenty-two years later when i put it on my finger taking my vows in marriage.)


Natasha said...

MorningDove!!! OH MY GOODNESS this is BRILLIANT!! YOU have stretched my own mind, heart and limits...you always take me to new places whether with your words or your art. YOU are such an expansive soul....I LOVE the way you used your hands to capture, old onto and then let go of specific words....I love the unveiling of the ring at the end...i love that you can't truly see YOU but your voice is so strong as though your soul is the most powerful part of you...this was fabulous... I'm so proud of you it I could I would crawl through this computer and hug you ....just magical!

Christine B said...

I'm with Natasha on this - such an expressive piece. The presentation is genius and its all so extra special because it is a piece of your innermost soul. Such a beautiful and tragic love story - move over Romeo and Juliette. Natasha is proud of you... I am proud of you.