Friday, July 22, 2011

Sound In Nature

this week's project - Senses Hearing. this was another serendipitous moment for me as i had just pulled my instructions off the computer for my sound class. i walked outside to sit in the sun without looking at the instructions and yet God just opened up such beautiful moments for me to capture this bumblebee. i could hear his wings buzzing but my camera sound is not powerful enough to pick it up.


Natasha said...

MorningDove!!!! THIS is fascinating to me!! Absolutely fascinating and here's why....before my eyes there is a bumblebee...I know the sound it makes and yet there is no buzzing..instead, I watch this creature flit from flower to brilliant flower while listening to what reminds me of water...flowing water and the occasional call of a immediately I stop and here is what I wonder - is the bumblebee even aware of it's own sound or - having listened to it forever - has it become desensitized to it so that it's completely unaware of it's own buzzing? And if that were the case, would that mean that it would float from flower to flower only listening to the water, the wind, the bird, the other sounds of nature? This is simply brilliant work - it opened a whole new world to me and filled me with the wonder of a child. Thank you for that gift...I am simply in awe!!! Just brilliant, MorningDove!

Christine B said...

The only music you will ever need... the music of nature. This is lovely Dove.