Monday, February 27, 2012

we found her

yesterday my son went over to help his friend lay a new roof. he decided to take his doggies with him, ellie being only 16 weeks old.  ellie became frightened and ran off into the woods. and the hunt and prayers began. my son called me asking me to pray for the puppy to be found.  he was frantic looking for her everywhere in the woods/swamp using black jack to sniff for her.  but to no avail, even my hubby jumped in his truck and went to search too. fast approaching dark others were now looking. we kept praying and believing he would find her.  he has said he would not come home without her. finally around 10pm he called to say she had ran out of the woods, was frightened again and ran back into the woods.  he sat, waited, his gf called her and finally she came running out of the dark and into the light, toward his truck.
she was wet, skiddish and hungry but so happy to be reunited with her family.  she's a very sweet little puppy. we are all so attached to this little girl. and what an answer to prayer. Thank You God!!!

day 5 crosses and lent
this stick cross has three upward branches. i placed the cross in the center of three lights. reminds me of Jesus and the two criminals hanging on the crosses. only one was the light of the world and exposes darkness even today. that was Jesus, The Son of God. i am so grateful to Him for giving me new life and bringing light into my dark world. A song came to my mind by Chris Tomlin - Here I AM To Worship. head over and read the lyrics. 'Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness, Opened my eyes, let me see'.   i love that!!

why grope in darkness when you can be opened to the Light of the World?
even ellie girl didn't want to sit in darkness when she could be in the light.
i also read more about Lent here

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