Friday, February 24, 2012

You Me Give Shelter

kathryn challenged us during lent to make crosses, here are my second day crosses on my dream vision board.  
Natasha, my writing coach, challenged me to create a NOW dream vision board. nothing seemed to come to me other than the color for the background.  then after reading kathryn's lent, act of grace blog post yesterday i awoke this morning and it all came together.  i love my dream vision board.  the door on the center kick plate reads 'shelter' and it opens with a clock inside the window and
reads 'today is the day i write my own story.'
i just noticed the face clock is on 6 o'clock and i created 6 dream desires. i came across this Rumi quote from "A Voice Through The Door"
"sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you...
this turning toward what you deeply love saves you."


Steve Finnell said...

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KathrynAntyr said...

How wonderful! I'm tickled by what I see and read here. I love how we can inspire each other on the web. Great Rumi quote. I need to save that one.

Have a lovely day.
Thanks for sharing!
{soul hugs}

Natasha said...

Dove!!!! I LOVE that within the shelter of your soul YOU know it is time to write your story!! Do you know the magic that exists in line of thinking opening the door as Rumi so eloquently states? YOU are writing your story with words, paint and all manner of magic that you come across and in doing so you are sharing more beauty, more joy, more incredible YOU with the world! I'm so deeply proud of you - so proud!! xoxox