Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday ATCs and ER

The Netherlands, UK and US

i have had more wonderful ATCs arrive in the mail, so many i am working to get them posted. The artists are wonderful and full of creativity. thank you everyone from around the world.


well Thursday evening proved to be interesting, a squad ride, ER and home after 1am. unfortunately i could not work on friday. had to call my doc and get in to see him. my pain may
be cysts in my breast. being sent for a mammo and ultrasound then to a surgeon. it was so bad my breath was being cut off, don't like the feeling of suffocation. my middle son took me and stayed with me. i love that matter-of-fact son.


Jacq said...

How are you?

needlewings said...

Wow, didn't even know this. Somehow I either missed the posting if you did on FAT, but started reading some of the posting on your blog I missed. Many hugs and prayers again your way today.