Sunday, July 12, 2009

Issues of Love from God

my son's are having issues of unconditional love. well truth be told we as parents are struggling with what that looks like with one son. A God Story as told by my oldest son:

tonight he came to trade vehicles so the car can go in the shop for repair from the rear-end accident last month. i ask him to call his brother to encourage him. he needs so desperately to know we love him even though we don't approve of some decisions he has made. my son left to return home back to the beach.
he called his dad just hours ago to say he stopped by Busch and going into the parking lot he spotted a police charger; wondering who could be inside. as he was wondering that, the police officer spotted the ole' beatup truck and knew it had to be his oldest brother. as the police officer approached the ole' struck my oldest chuckled bc he knew God had made time for his God-appointment with his brother. He was working Busch area and taking a guy to jail.
when my hubby called to share this story with me he said my oldest told him to tell mom, "i know what she will say - "it was a divine God-appointment; a setup by God". and yes indeedy he is correct. that is just what i said as i began to laugh wildly with the Lord of Hosts, Almighty God.
Are you ready for a setup from God?

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