Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Heart Burning Passion

Burning Passion

"You can't press a caterpillar into a butterfly mold and make it fly.
It has to be transformed from the inside." a quote from the book

Yesterday while shopping at Walmart I felt drawn to the book section. One "alone" book sitting
on the shelf drew me. I could actually hear in my spirit the Lord encouraging me to pick it up.

Long story short i just finished the book through me sobbing and longing to know Jesus even more. The title was a strange title but not what you would think. That's the problem with people - we try to size someone/something up in a seconds notice.

When are we going to stop doing that?

"So You Don't WANT to Go To CHURCH anymore - an unexpected journey"

is co-authored by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman. I even went to B&N an purchased another copy for my son and girlfriend feeling they should read this together.

I SO DESIRE to know/have a deeper relationship with Jesus every day - not one through someone elses eyes but a personal, did i express how deeply even more personal one than yesterday.


when will we learn church is not a place but the BODY OF CHRIST?!!

what does the "Church" really look like according to The Word?

what's your interpretation of the "church"?

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