Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friendship Quilt

Friendship Quilt
i must say i have a great bunch of friends on my small group. after my diagnosis those little sneakers planned a quilt behind my back. Each one made a block and sent to "d" and "UU".
"d" put it together, added the border and UU quilted it.
when i received the big box in the mail i was shocked to say the least. i can truly say if my house were on fire two things i would grab - m family Bible and my quilt.
thank you all you artisty ones from around the world. i am honored.
next i must take pics of the beautiful doll UU made me and sent along. what a cheery little one she is. and also of michelle's heart pillow and leilanie's sweet little bag to carry to doc appts.
i've been slacking lately in blogging and creating - just enjoy hubby this week while he is off.
although we had doc appts every day. such is life.



Enjoy your weekend with hubby:) Hope the computer process is getting better and also hope you had a good birthday with your mom. Thanks for posting a photo. Many Continued Healing Hugs to you my friend! UU

Threadhead said...

Dear Dove, we all love you!

Julie said...

I have stumbled in here, Dove from another blog and am so pleased to have found your blog. We know each other from FAT and I had read that you had had your diagnosis. What a wonderful quilt to receive from friends to comfort you and remind you of their positive thoughts for your journey. I will add my positive wishes for your journey with God. I think your word for 2010 is 'Wonder'ful! :o)

Reflections of life and art said...

Beautiful, Beautiful quilt...lots of love and healing in that big bundle of warmth!
God knows what we need and when we need it....Dove you are much loved...more than you know!

studioGypsy said...