Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dust Bunny Rides Again

Oh how funny - sitting at my computer this morning in the dark i began to watch a mosquito rise up from the desk carrying along an extended tail - oh no - that was a dust bunny from behind the monitor. i had to laugh but sadly to say i squished him. i detest mosquitoes. do they serve a purpose? and on a slightly heavier note - i spent an exorbitant amount of money yesterday on my doggie. for going on 5 years he has had an ear irritation. maybe yesterday we found the problem. BUT i'm going to talk to my naturopathic to see what's going on. too many fatty tumors, ear infection and gum problems. Sounds like i'm describing a babies problems - well - he is my baby that will never grow up.

God is up to something and i'm going there. I never told you about the insurance company's letter last week. They sent a letter explaining they were denying my surgery bc the doc had not sent in enough clinicals. i had to laugh with God and ask what's up with that?! really i did laugh and laugh all the way to packing my bags and pulling out of the driveway to head to the mtns for a visit with family.

In quietness and confidence will be your peace. gotta run, get ready for the day.

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I hate that we put so much faith in paying our insurance companies and then they question why things are needed or not. Then there is always those rules, that you didn't send the right thing. Everything is about details and technicality. Even then they try to do their best to wiggle out of things. Keep at it Dove, wear them down before you do! sometimes you just have to put up a good fight!