Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hurricane Irene is coming! i read Deanna and Jill's blog post on Saturday - felt so raw, vulnerable - so had to paint - chose blues. swirls like hurricane. where ever i wanted it on paper -then wanted to feel my fingers in paint - i placed all the tips of my fingers in the blue paint and rubbed and rubbed just to see how far paint would go. i knew i had to cover the corners up, i didn't want them white, then i didn't want borders left white - switched to purple and drippage but who said drippage always had to start at top - i just wildly let it drip where ever - i was really moved by the two blog posts - i had to paint i noticed an eye in blue off the side of the page - so didn't touch that area but everything else had to be covered - NO WHITE - none! when i was finishing i started to cry - the feeling of just peeping out from behind  - would that feeling ever go away - what was that eye thinking, feeling, seeing, tasting, touching, expressing - piercing eye. and then a memory came to me of a peeping tom in our neighborhood when i was a little girl - not feeling safe in my bedroom bc i had a window.  

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